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How to get the perfect look for your wedding?

What is the perfect bridal look?
Posted date on Dec 07, 2021

How to get the perfect look for your wedding?

Who can forget the media frenzy over Deepika Padukone's wedding or Sonam Kapoor or the very recent Katrina's hushed wedding to Vicky Kaushal. Everything is being scrutinised, the minutest details. From the wedding location, caterer and preparation to every designer wear, jewellery and the perfect look spotted at their wedding. These celebrity weddings have upholded a standard which every one wants to live upto and emulate. And the bride and the groom leave no stone unturned to attain the perfect wedding look. Aspiring a la Deepika Padukone wedding look or Anushka Sharma is no mean feat because they follow a regular beauty regimen that ensures a glowing, radiant complexion.

The perfect look for the wedding emulated to the standards of celebrities is achievable, provided you follow a skin care regimen and a healthy lifestyle. Dr Divya Sharma, one of the very few good dermatologists practicing in Whitefield, Bengaluru offers an amazing insight and quick tips that would ensure a glowing, blemish free, spotless skin for brides to be.

How to take care of my skin before wedding?


Stress is a major factor that causes pimples to break out, gut health to go haywire, affecting your sleep and causing those big bad dark circles to form on your face. While preparing a wedding is not easy, getting your stress under control is extremely necessary to ensure the immune system remains strong. 

While makeup does wonders to your overall final look, remember that, there is as much as the makeup artist can do to hide the underlying skin problems like acne, dark circles and puffy eyes.

Visit a dermatologist to get a grip on your acne problem or those stubborn stretch marks that could hinder your confidence. Consult them a year to six-month in advance and consider opting for dermabrasion treatment to medi facials or endymed fsr Ifine treatment post a complete check up. Follow up regularly to attain treatments like Carbon peel or hollywood peel whichever suits your skin as best determined by a good skin doctor.

How to look after skin before the wedding?


Young brides often tend to ignore the fact that it is just not the face but the entire body that needs to be looked after. So, hot showers that strip natural oils from the skin must be avoided and instead a mild body cleanser and exfoliator should be inculcated in the regimen. Follow this up with a good moisturizer in your daily life until the wedding.

Laser hair removal treatment is another great one you should treat yourself to enjoy a glowing, hair free look. Waxing can be painful and isn't long lasting, often ending up in rashes or irritating the skin. No bride would want the terror of an inflammatory skin two days prior to her wedding resulting in any flare ups.

Body polishing treatment is also wonderful for those who are looking for a chiselled look on their D-Day.

What are some useful tips for hair care before my wedding?


There is no denying the fact that you would want to try different hairstyles and show off your healthy tresses in your wedding look. So, if you're suffering from dandruff or hair fall problems, it is ideal to see a trichologist near you at least a year to six month in advance to ensure long, healthy hair. 

  • Chemical treatments if any you want to try should be run by your hair doctor and a hair care regimen must be worked out after a consultation.

  • Introduce a mild shampoo and a conditioner in your hair care regimen  and avoid shampooing too much to strip if off from the moisture and natural oils.

  • For all the experimentation you want to try with your look, please do it so in advance and not the last day to avoid unnecessary hassles.

To plan the perfect wedding look of the season you can consult Dr Divya Sharma both online and offline easily. Book an appointment today, if you are a bride to be!

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