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Under Eye Rejuvenation

Under Eye Rejuvenation

Ageing of the periorbital region is a common concern across age groups and more so in the middle age group. Eye rejuvenation has gained traction over the years. It reduces under-eye bags and plumps up the skin around the eyes to make it look more youthful and fresh. It is used to treat hollowing under the eyes, under-eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles (crow’s feet), appearance of the tear trough and dark circles, loss of elasticity around the eyes, and increased bulges of fat in the orbital areas under the eyes.  

The skin around eyes is delicate and thin and does not have sufficient oil glands to keep it moist. Eyes undergo wear and tear due to allergies, sleep loss, sun exposure, and aging. Hence, the number of eye rejuvenation procedures are increasing every year.

Surgical procedures
The most well-known surgical procedure for eye rejuvenation is blepharoplasty. It is a cosmetic eyelid surgery used to lift the eyelids. It reduces wrinkles and puffy bags under the eyes. The surgery restructures the eyelids by removing or moving excess tissue (skin, fat), strengthens tendons and muscles, and restores peripheral vision. Considerable number of patients undergo blepharoplasty. It requires pre-operative assessment of eye anatomy, ophthalmologic examination, and checking of eye related disease history.

Advantages of blepharoplasty:

  • Tighter skin
  • Reduced worry lines, appearance of fatigue
  • Improved peripheral vision
  • Improved eyelids and muscles strength and elasticity

Other techniques:

  1. Micro-needling: It thickens the skin to remove wrinkles around the eyes. Additionally, it is safe to use near to the eye.
  2. Camouflage with makeup: The illuminating concealers make hollowed areas under the eyes look fuller.
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Under Eye Rejuvenation Procedures

Chemical Peel

Rejuvenation of the upper and lower eyelids using chemical peels is a simple and quick non surgical procedure. It is sometimes also referred to as ‘chemical blepharoplasty’.

When peeling the eye area, practitioners need to consider a type of peel that is safe and will create a lifting effect.

Chemical peels can treat wrinkles and fine lines, keratoses, sagging eyelids and dyschromia successfully in expert hands.

Post Procedure Precautions:

After chemical peel the patient should exercise caution while sleeping and should not sleep with the treated skin pressing against any surface as it may result in infection and prolonged erythema or other complications.
Follow up is needed on the first, third and sixth day following the peel to monitor progress and to rule out infection.

Uncommon Complications:

Eyelid oedema can appear immediately after the procedure and usually peaks on the second day of the procedure. The oedema should be investigated and any infection setting in should be ruled out.
Apart from this, erythema which is the redness of the treated area can appear. Strict sun protection is a must after any chemical peel procedure.

Liquid Eyelift

Non-surgical eye rejuvenation procedures include use of fillers, liquid eyelift. The fillers give more refreshed and less tired-appearing eyes. The fillers in combination with anti-wrinkle injection is used to lift the eyebrows and reduce wrinkles in the crow’s feet and the lower eyelid region.
The hyaluronic fillers are more commonly used. It is administered along the hollow of tear troughs by cannula. The local anaesthetic is used for numbing to reduce discomfort. The procedure time is very short around 30 minutes and gives instant effect.
The liquid eyelift is also a filler used to fill the hollowing under the eyes. This is more demanding procedure as it gives more rested and youthful look that lasts longer than 1 year. However, the procedure requires significant technical knowledge, experience and understanding of the normal anatomy of the region around the eye.

Fat Transfer

This technique is required when volume loss is more substantial and also includes cheeks and upper face. The procedure gives youthful contour and shape to the face with dramatically natural appearance. The major advantage of the procedure is that it gives permanent effect.

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