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LightSheer Desire

LightSheer Desire

“Feel the confidence that comes with Laser Hair Removal”

More and more people from different ethnicities, with different skin types, both men and women, seek permanent hair removal. People want a treatment that is effective, fast and comfortable. To address these needs, our Clinic uses the Lumenis LightSheer Desire for Laser Hair Removal. 

How it works:
The LightSheer Desire comes equipped with Two handpieces:

To assist clinicians in treating all body areas, the device has two interchangeable handpieces of varying specifications so that patients can be treated efficiently, quickly and comfortably. This also helps in catering to each patient’s individual treatment.

The LightSheer Desire uses two cutting edge techniques:

  1. High Speed Vacuum Assisted Technology: internationally acclaimed HS handpiece which has vacuum suction technique. The benefits of vacuum suction over normal Diode lasers is

    • The vacuum suction ensures that the other competing chromophores like melanin and blood get displaced ensuring that the hair follicle receives the entire pulse of the laser.

    • The Gate Mechanism- The suction diverts the pain signals and hence this treatment is not at all felt by the patient.

    • The bigger hand piece ensures that the energy is delivered more with the sapphire coated tip .

    • The treatment is super fast taking 30 minutes for full legs.

    • There is no messy gel or any preparation required.

    • Dr Divya Sharma is the first Dermatologist to introduce this technology in East Bangalore and has been trained by the international faculty on board. She has also been instrumental in disseminating knowledge to other budding dermatologists in the country.

    • Absolutely safe as very little energy is absorbed by the epidermal layer and the vacuum assists in pain reduction during treatment.

  2. ChillTip Integrated Contact Cooling Technology:
    Is used in cooling of the skin after the removal of follicles. This is performed to reduce any lingering pain and discomfort and facilitate epidermal protection.This is the XT hand piece for smaller areas like upper lips and face. It uses traditional stamping mode

The cutting edge technology Lightsheer Lumenis in Bangalore was the pioneer in Laser Hair removal . It was the first machine which got FDA approval for laser hair reduction. The social media of all international Dermatologists is evidence that this platform has been one of the most used laser platforms for hair removal worldwide. It is considered ‘Gold Standard’ In Hair removal and we are proud to be one of the satisfied exponents of this technology.

Advanced Graphical Interface:
The user friendly graphical interface displays the treatment presets to clinicians, allows them to delegate the treatment safely, and can be used to fine tune a treatment towards specific patients while also monitoring the status of the treatment when the procedure is in progress.

If you have any queries regarding Laser Hair Removal or wrinkles, or wish to get treatment for the same, Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions will have just the answers you’re looking for. Dr Divya Sharma has a great experience in handling all skin types given the cosmopolitan nature of patients of Hair Removal in Bangalore.

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