Dark Circles

Dark Circle Treatment in Bangalore

Q) What you should know when you have dark circles?
Dark circles are one of the most common complaints that we come across in my clinical practice. 
Not only it gives patient a tired look , it also can be a sign of premature ageing.

Types of periorbital hypermelanoses

  • It can be pigmented ( brown colour)
  • vascular ( blue/pink/purple) 
  • structural ( skin colour) 
  • mixed type.

Q) What is tear trough or structural variety?  
Tear trough is because of loss of subcutaneous fat and overlying thinning of skin accompanied by cheek descent. It is age related in most cases.

Q) What are the vascular causes?
Superficial location of blood vessels accompanied by thin skin over orbicularis oculi muscle . It gives a violaceous appearance and is increase when the skin is stretched.

Q) What are the pigmentary causes?
When the dark circles are due to repeated rubbing and scratching as seen in atopic dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis . The drug induced causes also fall in this category.

Q) What is the butterfly shaped dark area around my eyes?
These are pigmentary demarcation lines which separate hyperpigmented areas from lighter areas . Most of the women especially after pregnancy complain of accentuating of these butterfly shaped areas. 

Q) Are there any factors in my lifestyle or diet worsening my dark circles?
It has been proven that ultraviolet radiation and use of blue light in form of smartphones and computer systems can aggravate perioorbital hyperpigmentation. Lack of sleep , stress, alcohol overdose and smoking can aggravate POH.

Q) What are the treatment options?
Topical therapy

 a) Tyrosinase inhibitors like Kojic acid, azelaic acid, arbutin are helpful to some extent.
 b) Topical Vitamin C - Effective for improving the appearance of dark circles.
 c) Chemical peels - GA 20% and lactic acid 15% is used in periorbital hyperpigmentation. Careful priming of the skin is  important
 d) Q switched laser - We use Spectra Q switched pulse to improve the periorbital hyperpigmentation 
 e) Fillers - This is helpful for 3 D reshaping of periorbital area with higher patient satisfaction rates. Minor post injection erythema and edema resolve in some time.
 f)  Platelet rich plasma has been used for treating dark circles due to tear trough deformity
 g) Blepharoplasty and Carboxytherapy are also found useful alternatives.

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