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Skin is constantly protecting by keeping infections out of the body and keeps away the sickness. Taking care of skin, means allow the skin to do its job. This, in turn, will help to avoid wrinkles and even skin cancer. Good skincare also has tremendous social and mental benefits.

Medi-facial, as name, specifies it is a Medical Facial. Medi-facials are unique facial, prepared by considering the individual’s skin characteristics. It uses the ingredients that are skin-friendly and medically proven to benefit the skin in the long run and performed under the supervision of a dermatologist. Like any other facials, medi-facials are not based on chemical bleaching principle, however, are based on vitamins, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These ingredients provide benefits like an instant brightening effect as well as anti-aging benefits to the skin in the long run and without any side effects. 

Globalization and awareness amongst the people resulted in more people turning towards the Medi-facials. Not only women but also men are fascinated by the medi-facials. Approximately 30%2 of the people coming for Medi-facials are men.

Difference between Normal and Medi-facial:

Normal Facial?:

  1. Standard and commonly used for all people
  2. Include harsh exfoliating agents which unnecessarily damage the skin barrier
  3. Works on the skin surface only and do not penetrate into the dermis from where actually skin does healing and repairing
  4. Temporary results that generally last only for few days
  5. Does not cure the problem but only hide 


  1. Personalized facial considering individual skin. It is different for each person and also reacts differently
  2. Use of natural skin strengthening ingredients to speed up the cellular turnover, repair the skin without damaging the protective skin barrier
  3. Heated towel and massage allows  natural ingredients to penetrate into the dermal layer
  4. The results are effective, long-term, and can be permanent 
  5. Medi-facials gently recover and improve the skin texture

Why get medi-facials?

  • Relaxation: By applying proper pressure on the pressure points medi-facial will have a relaxing effect on your skin.

  • Stress-buster: Stress is the reason causing the majority of skin issues. A good medi-facial can cure any breakouts and refresh the skin from within.

  • Prevents bacterial breakouts: Medi-facial such as an anti-acne facial helps in great extent to get rid of bacteria, which causes inflammation during breakouts. Besides, it also minimizes the pore size, stabilizes oil production, and promotes healthy cell growth.

  • Anti-aging effects: Ingredients in the medi-facials support to minimize the signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin.

Some other benefits of medi-Facials:

  • Vitamins rich skin for a fresh glow

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Decreased wrinkles and hyperpigmentation

  • Vanished stretch marks

  • Needle-free deep skin treatment

  • Painless

  • No irritation or redness

  • Short and pleasant

Types of Medi Facials:

  • Anti-acne facial

  • Anti-aging facial

  • Skin whitening facial

  • Skin rejuvenation facial

  • Collagen facial

  • Hydrating facial

  • Party facial

  • Instant glow facial

  • Tan facial

  • Oxy/Jet facial

Also, the natural ingredients in the medi-facials can reach the dermis to combat various skin issues, such as acne, scarring, pigment spots, sun damage, dehydration, rosacea, broken capillaries, etc. Medi-facials also improve the tone, texture, and collagen and elastin production in the skin, thus slowing down aging.


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