Laser Toning

Laser Toning in Bangalore

Laser Skin lightening or Laser Toning is one of the most common treatments for achieving glowing and brighter skin. Here are a few frequently asked questions about laser skin lightening or laser toning.

Q) What is Laser toning?
It is a non-ablative treatment which means that it does not remove or damage superficial layers of skin. It treats pigmentation from deeper and top layers of skin.

Q) Are there any side effects of this treatment?
Laser skin toning technique uses very low energy and multiple passes which make laser toning as one of the safest treatment modalities. We use only authentic and FDA approved Laser Lutronic Spectra which has an impeccable safety record and use time tested protocols. There may be slight redness post treatment which disappears within a few minutes to hours.

Q) How many sessions are required for achieving success in skin lightening treatment?
It is recommended to undertake 6-8 sessions at a minimum gap of two weeks. Along with the procedure, Dr. Divya Sharma advocates the continuation of her skin care regimen for maintenance.

Q) What standards are being followed at DSHS?
We follow International standards and FDA approved Q-switched Laser and we at DSHS follow a patient-friendly approach. We refuse patients with a history of keloid or active infection and never cut corners around the safety of our patients. This is what sets apart  DSHS from other chain clinics.

Q) Would Laser toning make my skin sensitive or will I get used to it?
Laser toning reduces the size of your pigment cells permanently but does not remove the upper layers of the skin. Hence, it does not make your skin sensitive. There is no permanent harm in doing laser toning and rather, it is the safest treatment.

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