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Is mole removal possible at home?

Is mole removal possible?
Posted date on Oct 21, 2021

Say No to DIY Mole Removal Ideas

Moles are a common feature one notices on skin. Typically, an adult has more than 10 to 40 on their body which is not bothersome and harmless. However, the age-old notion of moles diminishing one's beauty except if found on the upper lip or chin, lead to many people to rigorously work on its removal. Opting for DIY remedies to get rid of them though sound convenient and cheap in the beginning, it often ends in disasters that only spell more trouble for the skin. Permanent scarring, burning of skin and risking it to numerous infections are the major mishaps that one should worry about while trying DIY mole removal remedies at home.

There is no scientific research that can claim that the methods advertised or suggested by many websites and videos are safe and are effective for mole removal. It is advisable to not to try these methods at home as there can be dangerous consequences of the same. 

Here is a list of DIY mole removal methods you should definitely not try.

Can moles be removed by clipping

  • Snipping of the mole with a pair of scissors or clipping it

  • Using razor to cut it off

  • Trying plucking it with horse hair

  • Burning the mole by applying generous amount of apple cider vinegar

  • Falling for the medical creams that claim complete removal within days

Mole Removal Treatments

It is advisable to opt for safer alternatives to work around your mole. A mole can be easily removed in one visit to a dermatologist. The two treatments available for mole removal are:

What is the cost of mole removal treatment in Bangalore?

  1. Shave excision is a procedure by which a dermatologist utilizes a thin, razor-like tool to remove the mole by slicing it away. Electrosurgical feathering is done post excision to minimize its appearance by blending the edges of the wound with the surrounding skin. 

  2. Surgical excision is a procedure which is more complex and deeper than a shave excision. The mole is entirely cut from the subcutaneous fat layer and the incision closed with stitches. 

The safest way to remove your mole is to consult a dermatologist near you. Your dermatologist would find out whether the mole is melanoma, cancerous or has the ability to spread to different parts of the body and become life threatening or restricting your daily movements. The preliminary investigation by the skin specialist will determine the further course of treatment and the one that is most suitable for you. Consulting a top dermatologist in your city is a must if you find your mole to be painful, increasing in size or changing colour. So, while moles are harmless in appearance and may seem like a beauty issue initially, on a more serious note one should not ignore it and seek professional help immediately to rule out life threatening diseases.



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