Dandruff Removal in Bangalore

Dandruff or flaky scalp is one of the commonest complaints that we come across in our daily practice. A healthy scalp is a must for good hair health and hence it is very important for us to know and understand this condition better. 

Q) What is Dandruff?

It is actually physiologic (normal) shedding of dead cells which is non inflammatory in nature. It causes embarrassment and itching sometimes. It can present as excessive scaling and dry patches on the scalp.

Q) Is it a Disease or Disorder?

It actually represents something that is a normal process but if it extends beyond scalp margins and is itchy, it represents seborrheic dermatitis.( a severe version of dandruff). 

Q) What is the Cause of Dandruff?

There are two theories to explain the cause

  • Microbial Theory +AJY- Dandruff is due to overcolonisation of the scalp by Malassezia species which is a part of the normal flora. The increased oil or sebum causes more proliferation of the fungus and causing flaking. This is the most accepted theory as most of the patients also report oily scalp or oily skin on the face.
  •  The Corneocyte Theory- There is hyperproliferation or increased shedding of corneocytes and malassezia secondarily infects the scales

The only consensus is that there are more dead cells and also increased malassezia species on the scalp of dandruff patient.

Q) How to Treat Dandruff?

First and foremost , one should keep the scalp clean and free from oil, grime and sweat. One can use pH balanced shampoo which maintains the internal environment of scalp. 
Secondly a ketoconazole , zinc pyrithione containg shampoos should be used to reduce the malassezia species.
Thirdly, a healthy lifestyle and a diet which is rich in fibres and low on processed foods helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. 
If your dandruff does not respond to these basic measures, please consult your Dermatologist to examine the scalp and prescribe anti inflammatory medications to improve the scalp condition.

Q) Can Dandruff Cause Hairfall?

Yes. Dandruff can lead to more shedding of hair and also increase the speed of hair loss if you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. At Dr Divya+IBk-s Skin and Hair Solutions clinic in Whitefield , we offer comprehensive solutions for treatment of Dandruff and related scalp issues.

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