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Winter Wedding Glow-Up: Dermatologist-Recommended Skincare for Brides-to-Be

dermatologist-recommended skincare for brides
Posted date on Feb 02, 2024

Every brides’ dream is to look her best on her wedding day. Right from luscious shiny hair to flawlessly radiant skin, a bride's beauty lies in maintaining the perfect skincare routine well in advance to her wedding day. 

With all the hard-work that goes into reaching your ultimate glow-up, winter chills and dry winds only make that harder. But this time, we’re here to help you gorgeous winter brides master your D-day look by following a few of these at-home practices and dermatological treatments, to make you look your best!

Say goodbye to redness and dry, dull skin- and bring in the charming, youthful bridal glow that everyone will remember.

At-home skin care practices for your effortless bridal beauty

  • Cleanser

Avoid dry and flaky patches by using a neutral pH cleanser that gently exfoliates without stripping your skin off its natural oils. By mildly penetrating the skin surface, your skin barrier remains intact while gently sloughing away dead skin cells.

  • Moisturiser 

Opt for a hydrating moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to nourish your skin, leaving it soft and smooth against winter winds.


  • Face masks

Consider a Vitamin-C face mask to enrich your skin with potent antioxidants that work like magic. From combatting dullness and giving you a youthful radiance, vitamin-c makes the perfect addition to your pre-wedding skin squad. 

  • Sunscreen

Apply an SPF 30+ sunscreen regularly to avoid any sun damage to your skin surface.


  • Lip care

Wedding season means a new lip shade for every occasion. For fuller, pigment-free lips, remind yourself to apply, reapply lip balm to avoid chapped, dry lips. 

Lip care

Dermatological treatments to bring out your bridal glow from inside-out

  • Medi Facials 

These are a great way to give your skin the extra hydration it needs during the cold season. At Dr. Divya’s Skin & Hair Solutions, a personalised concoction of dynamic serums are used. Repairing your skin from within by giving it a hydrating boost.

  • Peels


Using medicated chemicals, these clinical peels address an array of skin concerns like pigmentation, acne, dark spots, dehydration etc. Ensuring you feel like the most confident bride with skin feeling more unblemished than ever.

  • Laser Toning

Revive your skin tone and gain an even texture, this treatment rids you of pigmentation by penetrating through deep layers of the skin. Here, at Dr. Divya Sharma’s clinic, a Q switched laser is used to give you the even tone you desire. 

  • Laser Hair Reduction

A simple, effective procedure to opt for if you’re looking to rid yourself of unwanted body hair. Keep in mind, this procedure takes about 6-8 sittings before you see long-lasting results, so make sure you do so well in advance.

A convenient and pain-free way to enjoy smooth skin for the long-run. Here at our clinic, this procedure is done using a speed vacuum technology for large areas and chill-tip diode technology for smaller areas.

  • Body Polishing 

Body Polishing 

Get the sparkly shine for your D-Day  and leave your body de-tanned and scar-free. Our signature body polish treatments come with customisable plans for your exact needs. Either a specific area or your whole body- opt for one of our safe, effective body peeling procedures and feel like your best, glowing self.

Make your wedding day an affair to remember by making your skin speak for itself. Follow these simple at-home practices or choose an enhancement procedure, give your skin and body the bridal pampering it needs this cold season. Enjoy a rejuvenated, refined and radiant appearance and let the festivities begin!

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