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The most effective bridal skincare routine

Bridal Skincare
Posted date on Nov 03, 2020

Every bride desires to look her best on her wedding day. And like any other things in life, Bridal look is possible with proper planning and a pre bridal skin care routine.  Your Dermatologist is the best person to make you achieve the ‘Dream bride’ look. Skin health depends on both internal and external factors. Right from the cleanser you use to the diet you eat, each step in Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions clinic is carefully curated to your skin’s needs . It is very important to understand that everyone has a different skin type and each one has its own sensitivities. The pre bridal routine starts the day you say ‘yes’.

Here are top 8 tips for ‘pre bridal’ skin and hair health:

Tip1 : Start ‘pre bridal’ diet

Refined sugars, processed foods are the biggest culprits for unwanted ‘zits’ or pimples especially around the chin. As Indian weddings actually mean a lot of sweets, make sure that you stay away from them. Include lots of fibre and probiotics like curd and buttermilk in your diet. Make sure that you keep less gap in between your meals and avoid binge eating at all costs. 

Bridal diet

Vitamin C, E , Omega 3 fatty acids in a nutshell are the vital pillars for a smooth skin. It is important to rev up your skin metabolism by increasing the consumption of these antioxidants. Vitamin C, E , Omega 3 fatty acids in a nutshell are the vital pillars for a smooth skin. It is important to rev up your skin metabolism by increasing the consumption of these antioxidants. Astaxanthin is a scavenger of harmful free radicals and even decreases the incidence of outbreaks or acne. Astaxanthin and collagen supplements are very beneficial for improving skin health.

Tip2: Drink Plenty of fluids

Drinking a lot of water makes sure that your skin stays hydrated. Water also makes sure that your digestion stays clear and also helps in ‘hunger’ pangs which we want to avoid wishfully. Drinking a lot of water prevents dryness around the lips and prevents darkening of lips and lip pigmentation.

Bridal skincare tips

Tip#3: Exfoliate but do not scrub!

It is very important to remove dead skin which layers up and makes our skin look dull and lifeless. Exfoliation helps in improving the appearance and bringing a radiant glow to our skin. Scrubbing is not an equivalent of exfoliation and may worsen your skin by increasing pigmentation and causing discoloration. Instead ask your Dermatologist to prescribe AHA or BHA based on your skin type.

Beauty Regime for Brides

Tip4: Wear your sunscreen daily, even indoors

Sunscreen is actually a ‘radiation’ screen. It not only protects you from Ultraviolet radiation but protects from blue light and visible light from smartphones and computer screens. Make sure that you reapply it every three hours when outdoors. Do not forget to cover your arms and face with a scarf and shrug. Remember sunscreen is not 100% protective and you need to mechanically protect your skin too.

Skincare for brides

Tip5: Do not forget your hands and feet

Often we tend to get obsessed with smallest of things related to skin but forget to do much for our hands and feet.  Hands need as much care and attention in pre bridal regimen. Apart from using good hand creams, you may opt for treatments for hand rejuvenation like skin boosters and our signature ‘Rejugold’ treatments which help In boosting the dermal layer of skin and making your hands look younger and brighter. “Hand medi facials' are another of our signature hand rejuvenation treatments which generally are done by brides- to – be before the engagement or photoshoot.

Tip6: Start your Dermatology grade skin lightening done today

Body skin lightening especially underarms, neck and feet are very popular in brides- to- be. Traditionally it consisted of scrubbing and packs but in Dermatology grade body lightening treatments, a combination of cleansing, exfoliation and glow enhancing treatments are done using medical grade devices. Extreme caution and precautions are taken in view of COVID-19 pandemic .

Tip7: Erase your unwanted hair memories with Laser Hair removal

Pre bridal time is one of the best times to opt for laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair especially in armpits and bikini lines. Many a times the brides-to–be are left wondering how to manage the bikini line hygiene. Laser Hair removal is safe, effective and painlessly removes the hair forever making you stress free about your intimate hygiene. You can learn more about intimate hygiene. 


Tip8: Improve your mane and tame the frizz

Hair is an important accessory for an overall groomed look and adds to the confidence. Conditions like ‘frizzy’ hair and ‘hairfall’ can be tackled with the right supplements. Low Level Laser Light (LLLT) helps in decreasing hair fall and improves the frizziness of hair. It uses a low level laser or LED to increase circulation around the hair follicle and hence strengthens the hair root. It also improves the texture of hair making it appear luscious, smooth and silky. 

Haircare for brides

One can use ‘Platelet Rich Fibrin’ treatment to improve the volume of hair especially if hair thinning is visible. Please make sure that PRF is started a couple of months before your wedding day to see the maximal results. Treatments like Hair Botox and Hair straightening cause long term damage to the hair fibre and cause hair breakage sometimes even leading to loss of hair. Supplements containing Marine collagen extract can be prescribed by your Dermatologist to improve the hair strength.

Pre Bridal skin care starts with your Dermatologist in Bangalore. Consult Dr. Divya Sharma for pre bridal skin care in Whitefield, Marathahalli, Bengaluru.

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