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5 Reasons You MUST Moisturise Your Skin

Moisturise Your Skin
Posted date on Dec 17, 2022

The body’s largest organ – skin needs special care to stay healthy. Whether you have oil, dry or naturally healthy blemish-free skin, it is an excellent practice to incorporate moisturiser in your daily skincare regime for a multitude of reasons.

If you don’t moisturise your skin regularly and think it is an aesthetically-inclined habit here are 5 reasons we think you must moisturise your skin regularly.

  1. Reduces the chances of possible skin issues

Skin problems such as acne or dry and dull skin can occur irrespective of your skin type. With age and lack of a balanced diet, our skin tends to become dry and dull. Using a moisturiser regularly can help you maintain your skin’s health. If you have oily skin opt for water-based moisturiser, for naturally dry skin oil-based lotions can help you hydrate your skin and fulfil the necessary oil requirements of your skin. For sensitive skin with chronic acne conditions, it is advisable to consult a skin specialist. You can book a consultation at Dr Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions clinic in Whitefield, Bangalore for personalised skin solutions based on your skin type.

  1. Helps you keep your skin young and healthy

Skin ageing is natural. Also, your skin repairs and replaces skin cells regularly. This activity leaves areas such as your face, neck, and ears more vulnerable to dryness and other skin problems. Regular moisturising prevents water loss and helps you maintain healthy glowing skin, keeping it younger for a longer duration.

keep your skin young and healthy

  1. Moisturisers help to reduce wrinkles

Wrinkles are formed by a combination of factors from age to exposure to UV light and even repeated facial expressions. While some you can control, most you cannot. With age, your skin’s ability to produce natural oils diminishes and skin becomes less elastic. Dry skin is more fragile and leads to premature fine lines and wrinkles. With regular application of the right moisturiser, your skin remains moist and plump and can help you reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Moisturisers help to reduce wrinkles

  1. Helps you reduce blemishes!

Blemish is a broad term for any type of skin mark such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, acne scars, melasma or even birthmarks. While the root cause of blemishes varies depending on the skin condition, dry skin tends to accentuate its existence. There are specific treatments like micro-needling and laser treatments for acne scar removals. Moisturisers act as the first line of defence, well-hydrated skin helps to even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

How to reduce blemishes

  1. Helps to lock the moisture, especially after shower

Showers hot or cold are refreshing, but ever noticed how dry your skin feels post shower? While bathing is necessary for personal hygiene as it removes dead skin cells and bacteria from your skin, it also tends to strip away moisture from your skin. Applying moisturiser right after a bath can provide an artificial barrier to prevent water loss and keep your skin hydrated.  

moisture specially after shower

While using moisturiser is important for the overall well-being of your skin, it is necessary to use the right moisturiser based on your skin type. At Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions in Bangalore, we provide customised solutions for all skin types. If you want to find out more about the right solutions for your skin, book an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Divya Sharma today. 

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