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Laser Hair Removal for Brides-to-be [Complete Guide]

Laser Hair Removal for Brides-to-be
Posted date on Oct 22, 2022

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular and painless cosmetic treatments brides-to-be consider before the special day.

It is a non-invasive way to remove or reduce unwanted body hair. With proper preparation and post-treatment care, results of laser hair removal can last for years. However, the journey to hairless smooth skin begins much prior. This blog is an attempt to guide you in the right direction. Here are some common questions you may have regarding laser hair removal.

How many treatments are usually necessary?
Laser hair removal is not a quick fix. Although it is a long-lasting solution for hairless skin. Depending on your skin and hair type multiple sessions are usually required.

There are three stages of hair growth.  active (anagen), regression (catagen), and (resting) telogen. Laser hair removal targets hair in the anagen or the active phase. Since all hair strands are not in the same phase, multiple treatment sessions are necessary to successfully destroy the hair follicle to avoid any regrowth.

How many treatments are usually necessary?

Is it painful?
The pain you feel is subjective to your pain threshold. Most people find laser hair removal less painful than any other hair removal treatment. You may feel a pinging sensation against your skin, especially in tender areas such as underarms and bikini areas. Laser hair removal is not completely painless but the least painful method when compared to others. 

Is it permanent? 
Laser hair removal is not a permanent solution; however, routine maintenance sessions can help you stay completely hair-free. Depending on your hair and skin type, you may require touch-up sessions twice or thrice a year for maintenance.

Before you opt for Laser hair removal it is recommended to consult a specialist to have a fair idea of requirements and results, pre-and post-treatment. The results of the treatment are subject to the existing condition of the skin and may differ from person to person. It is advisable to not start the treatment a month prior to the wedding. In fact, take the consultation a minimum of 6 months in advance.

When should brides start thinking about getting laser hair removal and what is the expected timeline to be considered?

As mentioned earlier, the result of the treatment and the time required may vary from person to person. Also, since one may need multiple sessions, it is ideal to schedule your treatment in a way to have your last session at least a month before your big day.

How much downtime should you expect?
Usually, the redness and mild skin swelling and irritation settle down within a few hours of the treatment. Provided this is the only skin treatment you are undergoing at that point in time.

Opting for multiple skin treatments around the same time is not advised as the skin does not get enough time to recuperate. Especially avoid getting a facial or applying skin peels.

What factors should you consider when choosing whom to have their treatment with?
Yes, pricing is important but not the only factor one must consider while using a service provider. Schedule a time to consult with the specialists and understand the procedure and the devices used for the treatment. Before your appointment read up about the procedure. And reviews of other people. It is also important to pay attention to the technology being used for the procedure. Make sure to ask if the devices used are FDA-approved.

This might seem like a lot of homework but your skin is worth it! If you have any further queries regarding hair removal or other pre-bridal skin and hair treatments, please contact us at +91 9620638388 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Divya Sharma.

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