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Suffering from extreme hair loss during pandemic? You are not alone!

Post covid Hair care
Posted date on Mar 14, 2021

Hair loss in Pandemic, does COVID 19 lead to hair loss, can stress lead to hair loss, Is my hair loss due to pandemic? These and many such questions are top of mind for a lot of our readers. In the past one year, much has been spoken about how one can take care of their skin in the post pandemic world. While our skin does need utmost attention during this pandemic, there is another aspect of our lives that is commonly overlooked. It is the hair!

The truth is that since the very beginning of the lockdown along with our skin, the health of our hair also took a major toll. Speaking from my experience, hundreds of patients suffering from incessant hair fall and deteriorating scalp health have consulted me during this period. It made me realise that lack of access to nearby trichologists and correct information online may have made matters worse for many.

So in order to help you with some easy tips to take care of your hair  during these trying times, I have prepared a guide. Do remember that these are general recommendations and to get tailor made solutions, it is always advisable to consult a hair specialist

Let us first understand what is causing loss of hair and shine during the pandemic and then I will talk about the things you can do to reverse the damage.

Causes of hair fall  & scalp concerns in the pandemic

Tips to arrest Hair fall

If Hair thinning, hair fall and widening of part have been feeling far too familiar in the post pandemic world then these are the causes:
a) Stress
Change in routine, anxiety and looming uncertainty led many to go through immense stress. Stress, as you may know, can force more hair to enter the shedding phase. This phenomenon is also called Telogen Effluvium.

b) Covid-19
You may have previously noticed extra hair fall after suffering from a fever or illness. Since fever is a common symptom of COVID-19, patients often experience immense hair fall post contracting the disease.

c) Change in lifestyle
What we collectively witnessed in the past one year was a break in routine. The initial zeal to pamper our skin and hair was taken over by lethargy and many of us simply stopped washing our hair and taking its care. This led to dirt accumulation and bad scalp health.

Measures to take care of hair in the post- covid world

Hair fall caused due to Telogen effluvium is temporary in most cases and one can see improvements in hair fall in about 4-6 months. Here are some practical tips that you can follow to take care of your hair and scalp:

  1. Set a haircare routine
    Yes, just like your skin your hair also needs a proper routine that you need to follow to the T. You can consult your trichologist to help you form a regime for your hair. This will include at least alternate hair washing days and using sulphate free hair care products.

  2. Concentrate your shampoo on the scalp

    Hair care tips

    Even though you are mostly indoors, dust, dead skin cells and natural sebum production can make the scalp dirty. One must ensure to regularly wash their scalp to keep it clean and maintain scalp hygiene.

    3. Don’t skip conditioner
    One may be tempted to skip conditioners when at home. Just like your scalp your hair also needs nourishment and care. Don’t forget to condition your hair post shampoo.

    4. Avoid tying your hair with a towel post wash
    We, Indians, have a habit of tying our hair post a wash to dry it. This often pulls the hair and leads to breakage. Remember to dry your hair with a soft cotton material to remove excess water.

    5. Opt for anti-hair fall treatments at your doctor’s office
    Science has advanced by leaps and bonds and today, we have advanced procedures like Platelet Rich Fibrin, Low Level Laser Therapy and Microneedling to help strengthen hair follicles and arrest hair fall.  You can speak with your dermatologist and start with one of these procedures.

    Hope this blog helped you to gain some unique perspective about post-covid hair care. If you still have any questions then you can ask me in the comment section below or call at +91 9620638388

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