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Hair Fall in Female

Hair Fall in Female

Hair loss is becoming a frequent complaint in female patients these days. Approach towards their cause, diagnosis, treatment is very different.

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Most of the women can have a positive family history in male relatives or mother. Only 20% of the patients actually are found to have elevated levels of male hormone in them. This can be explained by cutaneous hyperandrogenism where the sensitivity of the hair follicle is accentuated due to unknown facts but the level on blood is normal. PCOS patients more commonly have this condition as well.

We should avoid triggers like stress , western diet which is rich in processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, tight hairstyles , harsh shampoos. Also I would like to discourage patients from doing parlour procedures like Keratin treatments, straightening etc as they cause permanent hair damage. We encourage patients to be gentle in their daily hair grooming practices.

FDA has approved twice daily application of 2% Minoxidil for improving the hair growth. Once daily application of 5% Minoxidil can also be used for FPHL.

There is some role of Cyproterone acetate and other anti androgens in preventing the progression. PRP and Mesotherapy can be utilized to give results. Supplementation with iron and protein is really helpful. An active lifestyle and healthy routine is equally helpful. We have seen encouraging results with Arthrex PRP , the gold standard PRP in Whitefield , Bangalore.

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