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What are the 5 common hair problems during winter?

How to fight winter hair problems?
Posted date on Dec 11, 2021

What are the 5 common hair problems during winter? 

The feel of soft and lustrous hair in your hands is short lived during winter. It only lasts till a few hours after the shower. And then the same, dry, frizzy, strawy feeling is what you encounter while running your hands in the hair. How do you combat brittle hair, split ends and the typical winter woes? Should you keep on detesting the winter season and wish for summer to come soon or do you brave yourself with the right information on common hair problems and learn to keep it at bay with minimum fuss? If the latter is what you agree to, here is a list of 5 common hair woes and tips by Dr Divya Sharma, one of the best dermatologists in Bangalore to keep them under control.

5 Hair Woes

How to fight extreme dryness of hair?

  1. Dry Strawy Hair: Well, this is a common problem due to the hair being exposed to the variants in the temperature from the outside and inside. Cold and windy with moisture when you step outdoors and hot and dry inside the confines of the home or office. The difference in the temperature is bad news for the hair.

Solution: Opt for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that offers the correct moisture fix for the hair. Mild shampoos with natural and herbal ingredients with zero paraben and sulfates is the key. And don’t forget to wear a scarf to protect your hair from breakage whenever stepping out in the sun.

How to soothe an itchy scalp?

  1. Itchy Scalp: Oh, the need to itch while you are all set with your lovely, new hairstyle! It’s just not you, it is all of us. The scalp tends to become extremely dry during the winters and tight handling of hair or chemical treatments make it worse. 

Solution: Massage your hair with warm oil to condition your hair and wash the scalp  thoroughly to prevent build up which causes itching. and soothe the scalp from the tips of the roots. Avoid hot showers because they strip your hair of the natural oils that are much needed to keep it hydrated and protect it from the harsh winter.

  1. Static, Never Smooth Hair: We all love the feeling of softness in our hair and love to smell it every now and then. But the winters make this quite difficult with the potent electrical charge due to the temperature dip. The flyaways are therefore hard to control and irritate the hell out of you. 

Solution: Get over the temptation to run a comb every now and then. This will make matters worse for your hair. Instead apply hair masks to moisturize and nourish it.

  1. No shine and glow: Longing for the shine and glow in your healthy mane? Everyone loses it practically every winter due to the cold. For lustrous, healthy hair during winters it is important to follow a proper hair care routine with a good lifestyle.

Solution: Products like hair gels and hair sprays are best avoided because they are not a good solution and will cause more harm in the longer run. Go for a light hair serum suited according to your hair type, if needed consult a good trichologist near you for a consultation to determine your hair type and get the product suggested properly.

How to keep hair tangle free?

  1. Tangled mess with unlimited nodes: The numerous layers of hair, the dry weather, the cold is a perfect recipe for tangled mess in your hair. The nodes are frustrating as hell especially when you have to get ready to go somewhere and frequent hair wash is also not an option. 

How to keep hair tangle free? Invest in a cream or gel to detangle your nodes. Please do not buy these products without a consultation from a good skin and hair doctor near you. Avoid blow drying your hair and ironing your hair and any chemical treatments that add to your hair problems.

For more tips on hair care during winters, watch this video


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