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Dr. Divya Sharma explains the skin and hair benefits of Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C
Posted date on Mar 23, 2021

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C: A wonder vitamin for your skin and hair

Vitamin C is a wonder vitamin which is found today in a plethora of skin and hair care products. But have you ever thought about what makes this Vitamin such a loved beauty ingredient?  To help you get to know Vitamin C’s skin and hair benefits in depth, I have prepared a guide. Read on to know about the most talked about ingredient among beauty enthusiasts.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant that plays an important role in improving your skin, hair and overall health. This super nutrient helps increase the production of collagen, repairs damaged cells and even boosts body immunity.

What are the skin benefits of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a well known skincare ingredient that is known to have the following benefits for our skin:

  1. Protects against sun damage- An antioxidant like Vitamin C is extremely potent in nature. It neutralizes the free radicals (elements that can be disruptive to skin) and reduces inflammation caused by them along with damage to sun exposure.
    Skin care benefits of Vitamin C

  2. Helps improve signs of ageing- Vitamin C helps slow the breakdown of collagen in our skin which helps smoothen the texture. When  used topically, Vitamin C  also helps trigger collagen production which in turn helps with improving the appearance of fine lines.

  3. Controls hyperpigmentation- Vitamin C is known to hinder the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme that contributes to the production of melanin. This in turn helps in preventing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

  4. Hydrates thirsty skin- Our skin comprises 64%  water. This means that hydration is a must. Vitamin C aids in doing just that! It improves overall hydration, ,helps retain water and prevents the skin  from becoming either too dry or oily.

  5. Helps reduce acne
    If you’re suffering from acne breakouts, Vitamin C can increase the flow of antioxidants to the affected area, which in turn reduces the severity of the condition. Vitamin C helps with acne scar treatment by increasing the production of collagen, a protein responsible for your skin’s structure and vital for rebuilding healthy skin.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C for hair?
Shine cultivator

Acidic shampoos like the ones that have Vitamin C have low pH level. This property helps tighten the cuticle surface leaving hair looking shinier and stronger.

 Cleanses the hair gently 

Vitamin C can act as a mild cleanser in your shampoo to help you get rid of dirt and mineral buildup on the surface of the scalp. 

Hair care benefits of Vitamin C

Colour longevity

No one would like for the colour of their freshly coloured hair to fade away fast.
Vitamin C being the strong antioxidant that it is, can combat elements that cause structural damage to the protein present in our hair along with the elements that act adversely with the synthetic dyes present in our hair and cause physical damage. Hence, it is great for colour retention.

What are the dietary sources of Vitamin C?
Dietary sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be found in our diet very easily. If you are looking to increase your Vitamin C intake then you can:

  1. Eat citrus fruits like- mandarins, limes, grapefruit.

  2. Drink fresh unadulterated orange juice.

  3. Consume Vitamin C supplements as per your doctors recommendation.

  4. Eat plant based sources of Vitamin C like- brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers, spinach and other leafy greens.


Where can you find Vitamin in skin and hair care products?
Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C products are available in the market in the form of serums, moisturisers and oils. For hair, vitamin C is available in the form of a powder which can be mixed with your shampoo.

Are there any precautions that one needs to take while using Vitamin C products?
It is of absolute importance to consult a dermatologist before applying it on your skin or hair. Whether you choose a cream, lotion or serum an ascorbic acid like Vitamin C can degrade very quickly when exposed to sunlight so store your products away from sun exposure and in a cool place. Don’t forget to use sunscreen as well for added protection!

There are endless benefits that Vitamin C brings into our life in terms of moisturizing and prevention of aging, which is primarily what we want and look for while searching for this acid. While incorporating it in your skin care routine, don't forget to use it for your hair as well.  I hope this article helps you in making Vitamin C a part of your daily routine and sheds some light on the importance of doing so.


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