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Superfoods and Skin Care

Superfoods and Skin Care
Posted date on Jul 18, 2020

Over the years, we have seen a huge spike in the number of people turning towards wellness to get a healthy and glowing skin. These are the people who have now realised that it is important to take care of their internal well being to enhance their outer beauty.
In comes, intake of nutritious meals which for centuries have proven to help maintain healthy and flawless skin. One of the important components of these nutritious meals is Superfoods.
Superfoods are those food items that are dense with essential nutrients like antioxidants and healthy fats. They are mostly plant based though some can even be fish and dairy based. Their benefits are multifold. 

These include:

  • Promotes Heart Health

  • Increases Energy Levels

  • Enhances Gut Health

  • Fights Free Radicals

  • Improves Skin Quality

While there are many superfoods available in the market, here are our top 5 picks that you can incorporate into your diet for improving your skin’s health:

1. Chia seeds
Chia seeds are a high source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, iron and calcium. The omega -3 fatty acids are of great value as it prevents heart attacks and strokes. Omega 3 fatty acids also have a great impact on the skin as they prevent ageing by enabling collagen production and help to soothe any skin inflammation. This property of chia seeds helps to reduce acne scars and keeps the skin glowing.

It can be incorporated into a breakfast by topping a smoothie or by making a chia seed pudding, which is delicious as well as nutritious. 

2. Avocados
Avocados are extremely high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are also known as ‘good fats’ or fats that are beneficial for the body. It helps to repair dead skin cells and regenerate new cells which maintains a firm and smooth texture of skin. 

Avocado is rich in omega 9 which helps to retain moisture  on the epidermal layer or the top most layer of the skin by reducing irritation as well as hydrating the skin. This superfood is also  rich in antioxidant carotenoids which rehydrate the skin and maintain its elasticity to prevent lines of aging and wrinkles on the face.
Avocados can be included in our diet in the form of a salad, dip or filling of a sandwich. 

3. Turmeric
With the growing popularity of Turmeric Latte, the western world has started realising the benefits of Turmeric.Turmeric or Haldi as we call has been the part of an Indian household for centuries now. It has great benefits for the skin as it has extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties. 

Inflammation as we all know can take a toll on the skin and can result in wrinkles and signs of aging  Inflammation is common for people with acne prone skin and those suffering with eczema and rosacea. Turmeric helps to get rid of inflammation,  ease the skin and make it look fresh and radiant.  

Turmeric can be had in a glass of warm milk and while cooking vegetables for flavour and its incredible health benefits.  

4. Lemon: 

Lemon has a number of health benefits, it is one of the highest sources of Vitamin C which prevents free radicals to cause aging and generates collagen to help skin maintain its firmness and elasticity. 

Another main benefit of lemon is that it balances the pH levels in our body. Wondering what can an imbalance in pH level do to our skin? An imbalance pH level has a direct impact on the skin as it makes the skin dry and sensitive. Having lemon prevents this by balancing the pH level.

Lemon can be had in the form of lemon tea, squeezed on salads and vegetables in any meal. 

5. Spinach:
Spinach contains a high percentage of essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, K and C. It is also loaded with Vitamin K which helps to reduce acne breakouts and inflammation. It increases blood circulation which helps to keep skin young and fresh. It is loaded with naturally occurring antioxidants which help to maintain an even skin tone and prevent aging. 

It can be incorporated into our diets in the form of a green smoothie, salad or while preparing Dal. 

Now that we know which foods are beneficial for glowing and healthy skin, here are 5 food items that one must be wary about are:

6. Coffee:
The caffeine in coffee is a dehydrator for the body, it causes dull skin and dryness. As coffee increases the stress response of the body due to a higher level of cortisol, it leads to an increase in the oil produced by the sebaceous gland. It increases the possibility of acne breakouts and oily skin. 

If you are a coffee person, you should make sure to hydrate yourself to balance the dehydrating effects of caffeine. Include extra fruits and veggies in your diet to ensure that your coffee does not impact your skin. 

7. Sugar:
It is important to know that an excessive amount of sugar in your body and blood stream leads to a condition called Glycation, which occurs when there is a sudden increase of sugar in our system, which cannot be handled by the insulin. It makes skin lose structure as it impacts the ability to keep skin young and firm. Skin can also become dry and saggy and lose the collagen and elastin that keeps it youthful.

8. Carbonated drinks
Carbonated drinks contain a whole lot of trans fat and artificial and saturated sugars. These ingredients affect the digestive system, the results of which show on the skin like acne breakouts and oily skin. It may also heighten already existing skin issues like eczema and cystic acne. Cutting down on aerated drinks will show you the visible results on your skin in terms of oiliness and skin texture. 

9. White bread

White bread contains a high concentration of glycemic index (GI) which causes a high level of sugar that cannot be managed by insulin. It also increases inflammation in the skin which increases the possibility of acne breakouts. You can incorporate whole grain bread into your diet as it has more nutritional value.

10. Fried foods
Although we love our fried foods for the crunch and delicious taste, these foods do no good to your skin.They increase the production of oil in the skin which leads to an oily layer on the skin which in turn can cause acne and skin irritability. The oil used to fry food usually has hydrogenated trans fat which can also impact skin complexion. 

As you can see, if you want your skin to be glowing and healthy it is important to watch your diet. After all, beauty comes from within and thus what you eat makes a huge difference for your skin. 

Eat healthy and keep glowing! 

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