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How to buy the right skin care products?

Skincare products
Posted date on Jun 15, 2020

How to buy the right skin care products?

Inculcating a good skincare regime in your routine will pay dividends even decades from now. And that is why I keep stressing to start with a skincare regime early on. One of the important components of a good skincare regime are the ingredients used in your products that help nourish your skin and address its concerns.

In order to keep up with the trends, often youngsters choose products that do not suit their skin. Yet again there are many who are clueless as to which product will work best for them or get allured by the elaborate packaging. I can understand that with myriads of skincare products available in the market, it truly can get overwhelming for many.

In this blog I share a few things you need to keep in mind while buying skincare products.


Identify Your Skin Type & Concerns

Before you choose a product, you need to first identify your skin type and its concerns. If you are finding it difficult to do that then it is always advisable to consult a skincare expert who can help you not just identify your skin type but also diagnose the causes of your concerns so that you can pick the right products.

Choose the right ingredients

Once you have the knowledge of your skin type and concerns, you are halfway there. The remaining half can be easily covered by choosing the right ingredients. Of course, it is best to seek your dermatologist’s help to know the right ingredients for you. But if you are not in a position to seek help then here are some of the skincare ingredients that work wonders for your skin.



Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Commonly known as AHAs, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a group of animal and plant derived acids that are used in a variety of skincare products. The primary role of these water soluble acids is to exfoliate your skin, enhance product absorption, lighten fine lines and wrinkles and to boost collagen production.

Among AHAs, glycolic acid and lactic acid are most preferred. They are both known for hydrating the skin, helping it retain moisture, increasing skin’s firmness and for protecting it from external factors like UV rays. While both these acids work on all skin types, glycolic acid is known to show faster results than lactic acid as the latter is slightly larger than the former which slightly reduces its ability to penetrate deep into the skin. Both these acids also have anti aging properties.

Mandelic Acid is another relevantly unknown AHA which is derived from bitter almonds. Its large size helps it to slowly penetrate into the skin without causing any irritation. This works well for sensitive skin. Also, its ability to prompt the skin to produce more oil proves to be useful for people with dry skin.

Some of the other fruit derived AHAs are Malic Acid from Apples, Tartaric Acid from Grapes & Citric Acid from Citrus Fruits.

Beta-Hydroxy Acid
Unlike AHAs, Beta-Hydroxy Acid or BHA is an oil soluble acid. They can penetrate deeper into the skin AHAs and can help remove excess sebum and dead skin cells. People suffering from acne can look for salicylic acid which is a common BHA.

Benzoyl Peroxide
Considered as an extremely effective acne medication, Benzoyl Peroxide easily kills the acne bacteria with its antibacterial properties.

Azelaic Acid
Another effective ingredient that helps prevent acne by deep cleaning the pores of any bacteria that can cause acne. Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties help reduce chances of pigmentation, prevent scars and lighten skin.

Kojic Acid
You will find Kojic acid in most of the skin lightening products. It is usually recommended to patients who want to lighten sun damage, pigmentation, spots caused due to age or any other physical scars.

Hyaluronic Acid
One of the most popular skincare ingredients across all age groups, Hyaluronic Acid is known for its plethora of benefits for the skin. Found naturally in our body, this sugar is responsible for water retention in the skin which helps the skin look hydrated and plump. It is also used in Fillers to decrease shadows, add plumping effect to sunken eyes and to give a youthful glow and appearance. People looking for products with anti aging and hydrating properties should look for this ingredient.

Niacinamide is a water soluble vitamin which is known for its versatility to address a range of skin concerns. Suitable for any skin type, Niacinamide works together with the naturally occurring substances in our skin to get rid of dullness, fine lines, wrinkles and to strengthen skin’s barrier and to promote an even toned skin.

Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A. Initially Retinoids were used for acne treatments but over the years with time tested results they have proven to be beneficial for treating skin conditions like Psoriasis. They are also used to prolong youthful appearance. Some of the over the counter retinoids available are: Retinol, Adapelene and Retinoid Esters.

L Ascorbic Acid
I’m often asked to name Vitamin C serums. Well, those of you who are looking for Vitamin C in their skincare products should look for L Ascorbic Acid. It is the only form of Vitamin C which is beneficial for the skin. It is also used as an anti aging ingredient.

Go for Reputed Brands
Once you have finalised the ingredients, just look for products that resonate with your checklist. A word of caution: Always opt for reputed brands with good reviews. You may even use the available resources at hand like the Internet, skin enthusiasts in your circle or your Doctor to get an idea about the brand you wish to choose. 

Choosing the right products for your skincare regime may seem like a herculean task at first. However once you have understood what works best for your skin and keeps it happy, you will find it easier to pick the right products. 

If you find it difficult to choose the right product for skincare, consult a dermatologist near you

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