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How can I stop hair fall in the winter season?

how to stop hairfall during winter
Posted date on Dec 19, 2022

Winter might be a respite from the long month of hot and humid weather. But even the healthiest hair and scalps have their set of challenges during winter. The dry air makes the skin dry, including the scalp causing hair to break and we tend to experience excessive hair loss during winter.

To prevent excessive hair fall this winter, here are a few tips from Dr Divya Sharma, a dermatologist based in Whitefield, Bangalore to keep your locks healthy this winter.

> Avoid prolonged hot shower

Hot showers are blissful in winter but prolonged hot showers can increase hair fall. The hot water opens the pores and strips the scalp of its natural oils making it dry. A dry flaky scalp weakens the hair roots, making the hair strands vulnerable. Switch to lukewarm water head baths during winter.

Avoid prolonged hot shower

> Use the right products

Using the right hair products is critical to prevent hair fall. You must change the products Depending on your scalp health and the weather conditions. For example, dry scalps need extra moisture during winter and need products with food moisturising agents for deep conditioning. While oily scalps might feel like they are in healthy condition but the dry air can cause excessive sebum production making the scalp sticky which leads to multiple scalp issues and hair fall. If you are not sure which products are suitable for your skin type visit Dr. Divya’s clinic in Bangalore.

Use the right products for your hair

> Eat Healthy
Unhealthy diets that lack essential vitamins and minerals can lead to excessive hair fall in winter.

Vit A rich foods help in sebum production in the scalp while Vit E and Vit B help in blood circulation and keep the roots of your hair nourished and strong. A good diet also promotes new hair growth. To understand the impact of diet on your skin and hair, read our blog. 

 Eat Healthy

> Visit a Trichologist

Hair fall might not seem like a critical situation until excessive hair fall leads to hair thinning and bald patches. 

It is important to find the real cause of excessive hair fall and if you are not sure how effective your hair care routine is and are experiencing excessive hair fall, book an appointment with a trichologist near you at the earliest.

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