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Hair care for Men: common hair concerns & treatments

Why do hair fall in men?
Posted date on Nov 13, 2021

Hair care for Men: common hair concerns & treatments

Believe it or not but your hair is a source of your confidence and it adds to the charm of your personality. The luscious mane when encountered a problem, it shakes you up visibly whether you are men or women. Hair dilemmas like greying, dandruff and hair thinning are common to both genders and need early attention as well as care. Hair care is not an independent phenomena and depends on  many factors like environment, pollution, diet and health. Let’s discuss some common hair problems that most men encounter nearly once in their life and their common treatments.

What are the causes of premature hair greying in men?

Greying of Hair

While some men love the salt and pepper look and flaunt it with pride, young men especially in their 20s may find hair greying an embarrassing experience. Premature hair greying could be a source of worry if it is caused by genetics or stress. Harmful habits like smoking can also cause the hair to go grey. To start an effective treatment for this condition one needs to visit a good trichologist who will identify the root cause of it and prescribe medicines accordingly.


Top causes of receding hairline in men


Hair fall or hair loss may seem like a normal daily routine but care should be taken when one sees an unnatural amount of hair loss. Men often tend to ignore hair loss and only sit and notice this condition when they find the horseshoe-shaped ring of hair around the sides. This type of hair loss also known as male-pattern baldness is a genetically inherited condition. Consultation with a trichologist is a must as the hair lost won’t grow back on its own and would require medications like minoxidil, finasteride or treatments which induce cortisone or hormones correctment in the body. Some common treatments suggested by a dermatologist for hair loss are  mesotherapy, low level therapy, platelet rich fibrin treatment PRP and microneedling. 

What is the solution for dandruff?


The visible white flakes on the scalp and it’s constant presence in hair can cause irritation in the scalp. Dandruff can be caused by multiple problems such as dry scalp, excessive production of sebum, stress and even poor lifestyle choices. While basic home care treatments may serve helpful for mild bouts of dandruff, severe cases would require an examination of the scalp and the underlying problems from a good trichologist to ensure an appropriate dandruff treatment.

The above three are the most common cases of hair care concerns amongst men and ignoring them can cause several severe problems later. We suggest you book a consultation with a trichologist as early as possible to cure these problems.


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