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Which Beauty Trends are Harmful for Skin?

What are the latest beauty trends?
Posted date on Sep 20, 2021

Which Beauty Trends are Harmful for Skin?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, we all have heard it and yet we fall prey to society's standard of judging beauty. Tall, dark and handsome is staple for men, the fair and lovely, thin and curvaceous for women. Anything beyond this is just not worthy of being called beautiful. This skewered mindset has often led to disastrous outcomes. In a bid to become the most beautiful version of themselves people fall into the trap of following beauty regimes and skin care trends that are harmful for them. Here are a few trends that we have totally come to abhor!

Trends You Should Never Succumb To

  1. Lip Plumpers - The perfect pout on Instagram is an obsession that people live with and in order to attain that some resort to using suction to enhance the size of their lips and give it a more fuller look. This dangerous trend has left many with lip infections, bruises and scarring that remain etched as a painful experience forever.

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  2. Tanning - Lounging on a beach in swimwear to get the natural tan for a healthy glow is a picture painted by Hollywood for decades. Summers aren’t well spent if you haven’t exposed your skin to the sun. However, here is a small reminder, tanning is a sign of skin damage more than anything else. And falling to the fad of tanning beds, sunlamps for cosmetic purposes expose the skin to serious health risks like burns, premature aging, eye damage and life threatening disease like cancer.

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  3. DIY Mole Removal - If that has raised your eyebrows, trust us seeing someone go through mole removal at home is worthy of getting goosebumps all over. Using horse hairs to egg plant extracts and trying colgate, these tricks have only landed people attempting to remove moles into more trouble. For successful mole removal it is advisable to consult the best skin doctor near you.
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  4. Slugging - Do you love K-dramas? Do you hold yourself up to the beauty standards of the Korean heroines? Then, you must have heard of slugging - a trend that has picked up as a Korean beauty regime. Slugging typically is the coating of petroleum jelly based products in layers on your skin before going to bed to ensure minimum water loss from the skin. While petroleum jelly is wonderful for dry skin it can create havoc for oily skin leading to enlarged pores and redness around it. We insist you rely on a skin special doctor for suggestions of products for your skin and not indulge in it yourself.



  5. DIY Face Treatments - Instagram posts and Tiktok reels have made us swear by the efficacy of DIY treatments amidst the lockdown. However, things can go massively wrong if one isn’t aware of the side effects and reactions these DIY could risk on the skin. For example coffee grounds as a face scrub is harsh for the skin, especially if sensitive and one needs to be aware of this before trying such home made remedies.  

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Don't harm your skin in the garb of looking beautiful. Embrace yourself and your beauty without judging them by any fictitious standards. And most importantly do not hesitate to take medical help from a dermatologist near you

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