Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that affects about 8% of the Indian population according to a hospital-based study. It develops when the immune system sends incorrect signals to skin cells, resulting in them growing too quickly – in days rather than weeks, making them present as painful and itchy scaly patches of piled-up cells.

This disturbing chronic condition afflicts about a million Indians every year, reducing their self-confidence aside from being extremely irritating. It presents in different forms with the scaly chronic plaque being the commonest form. In some people it does go into remission but it’s hard to make it go away completely.

The body is unable to shed off these accumulations of skin cells naturally and needs external help. Treatment is aimed at slowing down skin growth and removing the unsightly pile-up of skin cells. It is better to visit your dermatologist at the earliest to get heaps of relief.

Common forms of treatment include the use of topical ointments containing ingredients like topical corticosteroids, topical retinoid, vitamin D analogues, salicylic acid, coal tar, etc. Your dermatologist could also offer you oral and injectable medications like retinoids, methotrexate, cyclosporins, immune-modulators, etc.

And if you happen to be under the treatment of a highly-experienced dermatologist like Dr. Divya Sharma, your problems might get resolved because she is the best psoriasis doctor in Bangalore and you could also avail of further treatments including phototherapy using UVB and Narrow band UVB phototherapy, Excimer laser therapy, PUVA phototherapy, etc, which are all guaranteed to bring you timely relief from this ugly scourge.

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