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Services Offered

Dr Divya Sharma

Dr. Divya Sharma MBBS (Gold Medalist), MD (Skin) Ex-Senior Registrar St. John’s Medical College and Hospital Bangalore, is a renowned Dermatologist and hair expert in Whitefield, Bangalore. She has great skill in dealing with all skin types. Dr Divya Sharma is an authority on Trichology and Dermatology. She has been a topper throughout her career and received the Dr Devi Chand memorial award for Best Outgoing Graduate and Best Postgraduate at IG Government Medical College Shimla.

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What do our patients have to say?

"Dr. Divya Sharma is a very competent and distinguished doctor. She has all the qualities of a professional doctor-patience, listening to the patient, proper examination n correct diagnosis. And above all, patient care, amiable disposition & a natural charming smile. Would strongly commend her to any one having a Dermat problem"

Prof. Jayasankaran

"Dr. Divya is one of the best doctors I have come across. Rather than providing lucrative offers or advertising unnecessary treatments and procedures , doctor practices scientific dermatology and suggests what's actually needed. She has been honest with what would take time to get cured and what is the best treatment based on my skin type"

Smitha S.

" I was looking for a pediatric dermatologist for my daughter who developed unusual rash on her chest. Dr Divya was very methodical in approach she made a diagnosis and to allay my fears even made me talk to the pediatrician. Next day she called up to enquire the progress, her treatment has worked well and my five year loves her"

Ankita Oomen

" I have been having unexplained hairloss, and started seeing Dr Divya for past 2 months. Her treatment has worked, I noticed she has done lot of research in the field of hair and trichology that's why I decided to meet her. The hairloss has been arrested, I feel more confident now."

Tanya Gupta

" Dr Divya is a very authentic and genuine doctor.I have a dermatologist in my family so I exactly know what she said was genuine. Since 5 years in Bangalore my first ethical doctor.I would recommend her to everyone.Amazing experience."

Payal Bhatia

" I have acne and Dr Divya is an expert in acne. My skin looks so much better! I noticed it clearing up about a month! Before prescribing me any medications, Dr Divya asked me questions about my acne history and what methods I've already used. she also mentioned if I was uncomfortable taking an oral prescription and offered an alternative."

Sridhar C.
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