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Period Skincare: How your menstrual cycle can change your skincare routine

Period Skincare Tips
Posted date on Jul 18, 2020

Women know the drill, periods spring up on us every month, followed by cravings, cramps, mood swings and much more. Every month women undergo a number of changes during their menstrual cycle. These changes that take place are all related to hormones. And one of the side effects of these hormonal changes is the toll that they take on the skin.

So girls, apart from tending to your cravings and cramps you should also ensure that you have a special skincare routine before your periods start. A skincare routine helps address all the breakouts and the clogging of pores that takes places with an increase in the amount of progesterone.

In order to have glowing and healthy skin before and during your periods some special precautions and steps have to be taken. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your skin is unaffected by your period cycle. Every phase of your period cycle brings about a different change in your skin. Let us understand in depth the various stages of a menstrual cycle and the skincare tips that you can include in your skincare routine

Here are some tips to help you deal with every phase of your period cycle: 

The first stage of the period cycle is the Follicular Phase that lasts about 7 to 10 days. At this stage, the level of estrogen in your body increases which allows an increase in collagen production. Skin is at its best at this point, your face glows as the size of skin pores shrink. You can enhance this glow by using a brightening mask and exfoliating your skin for a radiating glow. 

The next stage is the Ovulatory phase that lasts 3-4 days. During this stage your body increases production of the luteinizing hormone. This could lead to more oily skin and increase the chances of breakouts. One can take care of these concerns in advance by washing face twice a day to keep it oil free and by using a purifying face mask to purge the skin pores. 

This is followed by the Luteal phase which lasts 10 to 14 days, this is the most dreaded phase of them all! You experience premenstrual symptoms (PMS),  pigmentation, oiliness, uneven skin tone, and dry skin. The way to battle all these changes is to be hydrated and to nourish your skin using moisturiser and hydrating masks. 

  • Vitamin C: 

Acne breakouts are a common sign that the period cycle will begin. In order to avoid the pigmentation and scarring caused by the acne, it is recommended to intake Vitamin C during the day. Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin and make it look healthy. As a nighttime skincare routine during the menstrual cycle a retinol based regimen is suggested to ensure that there no marks remain on the skin after the cycle.

Dr. Divya’s clinic has a number of perfect treatments to help you deal with these acne scars using light based therapies.  

  • Moisturise: 

Through the period cycle it is important to use a light moisturiser and a mild, non-comedogenic cleanser. This will decrease any extreme reactions to chemicals and help your skin to retain moisture and stay well hydrated and nourished. A purifying mask can be used to purge oil and dust from the pores and blackheads. It will stimulate the skin to glow and get rid of toxins

The last phase is the Menstrual phase which lasts for 3 to 7 days. As there is a dramatic drop in your estrogen and progesterone levels during this phase, the skin tends to get sensitive and break out. This may cause pigmentation, dry and uneven skin tone. To prevent this creams with  salicylic acid can be used.  

  • Creams with Salicylic Acid: 

There is a new type of skincare routine called “hormonal-balanced skincare routine”. This mainly includes products that have a high content of salicylic or glycolic acid. This helps to control the oil production in the sebaceous glands. There are various serums and moisturizers that can be used to enhance skin glow.

  • Importance of Exercise:

Another important tip is to keep your muscles active even during your period. It increases blood circulation to enhance your skin glow and also keeps menstrual cramps at bay. The benefits of exercising will remain even after your period cycle ends, so make sure you choose a workout of choice for at least 30 minutes a day.

Apart from all the tips above, the food we eat before and during plays an important role in the way skin reacts. It is the most underrated way of keeping skin healthy. Firstly, avoid fried and oily food and carbonated drinks. Instead, include fruit salads, smoothies and a lot of water into your diet. Make sure to be well hydrated and track your meals and water intake to ensure that your diet is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins.

It is important to note that if you are above the age of 25 and your acne is leaving scars on your skin, you should consult your doctor for an evaluation of hormones to rule out the possibility of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). 

Hope these tips are useful for you to implement before and during your periods! 

Click here for expert advice from Dr. Divya Sharma about skin care during periods. 


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