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Light Based Therapies

Light Based Therapies

Tired of trying all the possible treatments for acne? At Dr. Divya Sharma’s Skin and Hair Solutions, we have one the latest methods of treating acne namely Light Based Therapy.

A strong advocate of minimal usage of antibiotics in treating acne, Dr. Divya Sharma has brought this revolutionary Blue Light treatment to help acne patients get faster and effective treatment for their concerns. The therapy is a US FDA approved procedure to treat acne.

So what is Light Based Therapy?

Acne, as we all know, is a chronic inflammatory disorder. Previously clinical observations had shown that natural sunlight does help improve acne. Taking help from these observations. Light based Therapy was formulated . It was observed that this therapy helps reduce Propionibacterium acnes level which is the bacterium that causes acne.

Here is how it happens:
- Light is first absorbed by  Porphyrins which are produced naturally within sebaceous follicles by   Propionibacterium acnes. It has been observed that Porphyrins absorb light within the blue light spectrum most effectively.
- The light absorption leads to photo excitation of porphyrins which then releases singlet oxygen and reactive free radicals to destroy the effects of Propionibacterium acnes.
(Source: NCBI)

What is the procedure like?

At our clinic, depending on the severity of your acne, Dr. Divya decides the number of sittings of the therapy your concern would require. The procedure usually lasts for 4 weeks but visible results are seen in just 2 weeks. Here are the steps that are followed at our clinic:

1. Examination of the patient’s acne by Dr. Divya Sharma
2. During the session, the acne region is cleaned thoroughly
3. Patient is provided with protective gear to protect the eye
4. Blue Light Therapy is used to treat the acne

During the entire treatment duration, you will be given specific guidelines by Dr. Divya to follow in between sessions. You may also have to come for follow up sessions to maintain the results of the procedure. 

How is it different from conventional methods of acne treatments which include topical and oral medication?

Unlike conventional methods of treatment like topical and oral medication which come with their own drawbacks like antibiotic resistance and lack of proper results, Light Based Therapy is side-effect free and result driven.

What are the advantages of Light based therapy?

Light based therapy offers umpteen benefits to patients suffering from acne Here a few:

  • It is an non-invasive procedure

  • It is a painless method of treating acne

  • It does not involve intake of any drugs

  • It can be used on all areas of the body

  • It has no adverse effects

  • It shows effective results compared to conventional methods

  • It shows faster results

  • There is no downtime for the procedure

  • It can be combined with other acne therapies as well.

  • Unlike other therapies, one need not avoid sun or going outside after the procedure is conducted.

This treatment is one of the most preferred acne treatments at our clinic which has helped many acne patients to get rid of moderate to chronic acne.

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A lot of clinical studies have shown the efficacy of blue light to be 30 to 40% more than topical antibiotics.

In one such study involving 45 patients, pustular acne responded very nicely to adjuvant blue light and 50% patients reported very high satisfaction.

THIS COMBINATION WORKS NICELY FOR both blackheads and pustular lesions and is seen as a very effective treatment. The patient has to spend only 15 minutes twice a week in the clinic for treatment and does not involve any invasive modality. It is a quick lunch time procedure.

At Dr Divya's Skin and Hair Solutions Clinic, we proudly present blue-red therapy for acne patients for the first time in Whitefiled. We continue our pledge for NO ANTIBIOTICS FOR ACNE.

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