Light Based Therapies

Light Based Therapies


One of the latest innovation in non invasive or non procedural treatment modalities in treatment of acne has been the use of light based therapies.

The bacterium causing acne Propionibacterium acne absorbs the blue light and gets destroyed by free radical formation. Many a times the patients are hesitant to undergo chemical treatments and reach us after exhausting all medical treatments. Dr Divya Sharma has always been a proponent for Less to minimal use of antibiotics in acne.She brings the revolutionary Blue light treatment in Whitefield for acne treatment.

Light emitting diodes (LED)  are complex semi conductors that transmit electrical energy to incoherent narrow spectrum of light.

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A lot of clinical studies have shown the efficacy of blue light to be 30 to 40% more than topical antibiotics.

In one such study involving 45 patients, pustular acne responded very nicely to adjuvant blue light and 50% patients reported very high satisfaction.

THIS COMBINATION WORKS NICELY FOR both blackheads and pustular lesions and is seen as a very effective treatment. The patient has to spend only 15 minutes twice a week in the clinic for treatment and does not involve any invasive modality. It is a quick lunch time procedure.

At Dr Divya's Skin and Hair Solutions Clinic, we proudly present blue-red therapy for acne patients for the first time in Whitefiled. We continue our pledge for NO ANTIBIOTICS FOR ACNE.

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