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How effective is online consultation for skin and hair?

Posted date on Aug 29, 2020

With the pandemic restraining us from freely going outside and doctors often operating in limited capacity there has been a sudden surge in the number of online consultation cases for almost all the medical practises. But what is worth noting is that in the past few years, there was already a gradual rise in acceptance of a virtual consultation among the urban population.

This especially holds true for the field of dermatology where I personally have seen people from all over the world approach me for an online consultation for skin and hair concerns. If you are here then I am sure you are interested to know the efficacy of this method of consultation. Let me help you understand A-Z of online consultation with some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is online consultation?
An online consultation for skin and hair concerns is a type of consultation in which you can virtually connect with your dermatologist or trichologist respectively.

How does online consultation work?
Clinics around the world follow a similar process when it comes to online consultations:

  • Step 01: You need to register yourself with the clinic

  • Step 02: The clinic will ask you to fill an online form. The form generally contains patient’s details about their medical history and concerns. This can also be done on a call. It helps the doctor to be prepared before the call.

  • Step 03: The clinic sets up an appointment date on which the call is done.

  • Step 04: The doctor recommends lifestyle changes, dietary alterations and certain OTC medications to address your concern. And if your concern requires physical consultation or some treatments at the clinic then that is also recommended

Is online consultation effective? If yes then what are its benefits?
In my years of practice, I have found online consultations to be extremely effective and here are some of the benefits of online consultation that I have observed:  

  • With the advancement of technology, doctors can now easily examine your skin and hair concerns on video calls and diagnose the root cause of the concern after a thorough discussion with you without having to meet you physically.  

  • While dermatology is a renowned medical practise, it is often difficult to find dermatologists in many areas. Online consultation has no location boundaries and gives access to expert’s opinions irrespective of where you are living.  

  • One may have to wait for long to find a mutually preferable time for physical consultation. Online consultation on the other hand offers quick support.  

  • One can opt for consultation from the comfort of their homes. This helps save time and money spent on traveling to the clinic.  

  • It is especially helpful for men who generally do not feel comfortable to visit a dermatologist’s clinic for their concerns.  

  • Online consultation also provides an opportunity to seek a second opinion on the treatments that are being recommended by your current doctor.  

  • It guarantees safety and privacy. Your records are kept safely and the same is never shared publicly or with anyone else.

  • You don’t have to worry about keeping your files and reports properly. Since the record keeping is done digitally, there is absolutely no fear of losing your reports or them getting damaged.

When should I opt for physical consultation?
Online consultation is a great way to start the preliminary treatment for hair and skin. Even though a lot of your concerns can be addressed online, you should opt for a physical consultation once your doctor has told you that your concern cannot be treated with a virtual consultation.

I hope this helped address your queries regarding online consultation. If you wish to opt for a one on one virtual consultation with a dermatologist to get solutions for your skin and hair problems then you can contact my team at +91 9620638388/ +91 8049565612 for a consultation.

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