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Platelet Rich Fibrin and Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair loss and hair thinning are common hair-related complaints today. Hairfall has multiple causes including nutritional, hormonal or metabolic and treatment of hair loss includes tackling these issues along with treatments aimed to salvage maximum follicles.

Facial Hair among women

Hair is one of the most important accessories for a woman and good hair is a sign of great inner health. But many times, I see several women very distressed about the hair growth in unwanted places. They are not only worried but even embarrassed about hair on their face and other areas.

Beauty Trends

Many a times, the beauty and skin care trends circulating on the web can be harmful and should not be followed by everyone. With the ongoing COVID19 crisis, there has been a spurt of online shopping. The youngsters tend to get tempted to follow the online trends which can be detrimental to health.

Skincare products

Inculcating a good skincare regime in your routine will pay dividends even decades from now. And that is why I keep stressing to start with a skincare regime early on. One of the important components of a good skincare regime are the ingredients used in your products that help nourish your skin and address its concerns.

Monsoon Skin and Hair Care Remedies

Monsoon Skin and Hair Care As we bid adieu to the summer, we welcome what is possibly everyone’s favorite season, the monsoons. The monsoons have a vibe that induces the idea of self care. One that encourages you to stay home and enjoy the cool atmosphere it brings.

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