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Is your skincare routine working for you?

The Right Skincare Routine
Posted date on Aug 10, 2020

Waiting for your skincare routine to do its magic can be as daunting as picking the right skincare products and setting the right regime for yourself. And while you wait for the tall claims of the skincare brands to come true, breakouts or skin irritation can surely be the worst nightmare.
We understand that the desire to get a flawless skin can make you impatient. But what is really important to understand here is that a skincare routine cannot miraculously heal your skin within a few days or weeks.
Setting realistic expectations is certainly the key step to avoid getting confused and frustrated. And realistic expectations when combined with a consistent skincare regime, will give you the best version of your skin.
Having said that, it is natural to wonder for how long should one wait to know if their skincare routine is working or not? While it is advisable to wait for a couple of weeks to months to know if the routine and the products are working for you, there are a few tell tale signs that can be considered as red flags. These are:

1. Skin Breakouts (More than usual)
If you have started noticing an increased number of skin breakouts after weeks of strictly following your routine then chances are the products aren’t right for you. Either they aren’t removing the excess oil and dirt properly or you have chosen products that are too harsh for your skin.

A lot of times, some skincare products first cause the skin to break out more before slowly fixing it. Whatever may be the case, it is best to consult your dermatologist as soon as your skin starts breaking out more than usual.

2. Skin Irritation and Redness
It is always recommended to do a patch test before using any skincare product. However, if even after doing a patch test your skin starts to itch, sting or there is a redness then you should know that your skin isn't accepting the new routine.
To figure out which product in your routine is causing your skin to react, you can slowly reintroduce one product a week. This will help you understand which of these products is causing your skin to break out in the first place.

3. Skin Discoloration
While aging, hormonal imbalance, sun damage and pigmentation are the leading causes of skin discoloration, new skincare products can do the same to your skin. If you notice any kind of discoloration after opting for a new product then you must stop using it immediately.


4. Skin tightness
Many times, after implementing a new skincare regime your skin might feel tighter and dehydrated than usual. This can be caused due to your skin product robbing your skin of its natural moisture. Do trash the product as soon as this happens.

5. Excessive Oiliness
Just like skin dehydration, excessive oiliness is also not a good sign. That greasy look of your skin certainly does not mean a well hydrated skin. On the contrary, your skincare regime might be causing your skin to dehydrate and thus prompting it to produce more oils. Let go of the products causing your skin to appear oily.
While it is crucial to minutely observe the changes a new regime is bringing to your skin, it is also important to patiently wait for it to do its work. Here is approximately how long you must ideally wait before you start reconsidering your skincare routine:
Cleansers can show almost instant results after you wash your face with them. Do remember to opt for cleansers depending on your skin type.
A moisturiser should help hydrate your skin and keep it well moisturised throughout the day. Your moisturiser should typically start showing results as soon as within a day or two but for improved results, you will have to wait for up to 2 weeks.
During the day time, you can combine moisturiser with sunscreen to ensure enhanced skin protection.
Anti Aging Skincare Products
Products like serums and anti aging topical applications that are manufactured to ward off signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles typically take longer than other products to show results. One may start noticing visible signs of improvement in 2-4 weeks but it is important to note that one cannot expect unrealistic results like looking decades younger than your current age.

Under Eye cream

The under eye region comprises the thinnest skin in our body. Under eye creams typically can rehydrate this area. But if a brand claims that they can completely erase fine lines and help you get rid of dark circles then you should know that these are false promises. To get a well moisturised under eye region, you may have to wait up to 6 to 8 weeks after using the cream daily.
Skin Lightening Products
Skin lightening products are used to lighten pigmentation marks, get even toned skin and to erase age spots. This skincare product again takes up to 2 months to show proper results. One has to be extremely patient and must use it as per the directives of the dermatologist.

Anti-Acne Products

Products for acne treatment should be used only after consulting a dermatologist. These products clear pores, reduce breakouts and help get rid of blemishes. A consistent use of these products start to show improvement in the skin within a few days which becomes even more apparent over a period of 1 to 3 months.
As we keep mentioning, a skincare routine needs to be set after consulting a dermatologist who can guide you best. It also needs to be consistently followed to see results that you expect. 

Have a query about your new skincare routine? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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