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Common Spring Skin Problems: How to Handle Breakouts, Rashes, and More

Common Spring Skin Problems
Posted date on Mar 13, 2024

As the leaves turn green and flowers bloom to its fullest, we know it's time to bring out those sun hats and dresses to welcome the brightest season of the year-spring! With seasonal changes as such, our skin and body call for its quarterly routine change. While renewal, rejuvenation and regeneration make the perfect spring skin reset; a lot of others experience their highest skin complaints at this time. Increased sun exposure, changing winds and allergens can often lead to a range of skin problems. But, there’s always a solution— we’re here to help you beat these seasonal challenges, by addressing some commonly experienced spring skin problems, and give you the carefree spring you deserve!

Spring skin complaints that need your attention:

  • Acne breakouts: Increased temperatures and outdoorsy activities in the sun essentially result in more sweat produced. Swelling of the pilosebaceous gland can result in exacerbation of acne. 

Acne breakouts

Control this by, blotting instead of wiping—your sweat off with a clean towel, wiping sweat off can easily irritate your skin and cause twice the breakouts. Additionally, make sure to wash your wearables before you wear them again, and don’t forget to invest in non-comedogenic products which are oil-free and light on your skin.

  • UV Damage: Spring automatically means more fun in the sun, unfortunately this also means you’re exposing your skin to a larger amount of UV rays. Sun spots, age spots, dehydrated skin are hapless outcomes we must avoid at all costs. 

UV Damage

We’ve stressed this enough but, picking the right sunscreen is your ultimate solution. An SPF 30+ works wonders, apply it evenly across your face, neck and all over your body. Freely enjoy the outdoors by protecting your skin first!

  • Allergies: Commonly known as the season of allergies- spring is when we witness most skin allergies peak. This is because allergens such as pollen, dust and mould are found in abundance. All of which result in common skin issues such as eczema, rosacea and hives. 

Make this high pollen season the least of your concerns by investing in an air purifier. We know spring is all about the outdoors, but stay allergy-free by keeping your doors and windows closed as much as possible. 

  • Eczema: Irritants like pollen and dust can aggravate eczema conditions- a persistent skin disorder leaving the skin patchy, dry and irritated. Help this by keeping the skin as hydrated as possible. Avoid any harsh cleansers and products, and ensure you moisturise daily with fragrance-free products. Keep away from detergents that can worsen inflammation and itchiness. 

  • Rosacea: A chronic inflammation wherein redness is caused due to the skin blood vessels In more severe conditions, small, red pus-filled bumps can form too. With pollen season, high temperatures, humidity and wind, this condition can worsen if not taken care of. While there is no cure for this condition, any flare ups can be kept at bay by making simple life changes along with medication. In tackling skin conditions as such, make sure to consult your dermatologist


At Dr. Divya Sharma’s Skin & Hair Solutions, we can help you design a personalised regime specifically for your skin type, to give you your best skin results this spring.

Let this spring arrival be a worry-free fest, follow these simple tips and enjoy this season to its fullest. Remember, skin allergies and making skin routine changes require professional advice. Consult a specialist and enjoy a hassle-free seasonal refresh!

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