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4 Reasons to See a Dermatologist for Mole Removal

Dermatologist for Mole Removal
Posted date on Nov 15, 2022

Moles can add a distinctive and unique appearance and are common for many. You might be born with it or it could appear on your skin as you grow older.

Moles are nothing but skin cells called melanocytes that grow in a cluster formation on the skin. This extra-pigmented skin is usually harmless, but sometimes could be an indication of other health concerns.

Examine the mole

Moles on the face or neck and shoulder are considered beauty spots, but many find them unpleasant. If you consider home remedies for mole removal or opt for beauty products readily available., please take into consideration that these products can have harmful side effects such as infections, and scarring.

Identify if moles are cancerous

Trying to remove a mole at home can go seriously wrong and cause serious injuries and infections. If you want to remove a mole for health or aesthetic reasons, here are five reasons why you should see a dermatologist for mole removal.

  1. Identify if moles are cancerous.

Unless you have a medical degree, you won’t know if your moles are harmless or are a sign of melanoma. Changing moles, new growths or discolouration around the periphery of the mole may or may not be signs of cancer. You need to visit a dermatologist who will be able to perform an appropriate examination to determine the nature of the mole. Skin cancer is treatable if diagnosed early and treated.

  1. Prevent infections.

Trying to cauterise a mole at home can cause a serious infection. You could potentially damage your skin with permanent scars or could have uncontrolled bleeding. Dermatologists are trained professionals and follow guidelines that significantly reduce the risks of infection and other damages.

    Reduce scarring

  1. Reduce scarring

Any wound on your skin tends to leave a scar. With the correct procedure, the probability of scarring is drastically reduced. Also, scars on the skin that covers the joints such as fingers, elbows, knees can limit the movement of the joints. Dermatologists have the expertise to perform mole removal procedures and can provide you with pre-and post-procedural care to reduce scarring and prevent loss of movement due to scarring.

  1. Avoid blood-loss.

Trying to cauterise a mole at home can not only give you nasty scars but can be potentially harmful. Without the expertise, you could accidentally cut a blood vessel which could lead to heavy blood loss. This is even more dangerous if you are diabetic or you have a bleeding disorder.

Avoid blood-loss

When it comes to moles, talk to your dermatologist if you notice something doesn’t look quite right before experimenting on yourself. It could be the colour or the size of the mole. It could be anything, when it comes to removing a mole, your dermatologists know the risks and how to perform the right procedures to give you the best outcome.

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