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07 best treatments that you can go for to close open pores on face

Posted date on Dec 18, 2020

As a Dermatologist in Bangalore, I come across several commonly asked questions about treatment of open pores on the face. There is very less information available about the effectiveness of available options for closing open pores on face. We will discuss both home remedies as well as Dermatologist-led treatments for closing open pores on the face and nose.

Q1) Can Ice cause tightening of open pores on the face?

Ice causes vasoconstriction and hence may reduce inflammation and makes the pores appear ‘closed’. Also ice temporarily reduces the oil secretion. But they do minimal when it comes to permanently fixing the problem. Hot water on the other hand increases inflammation and causes increased sebum and hence may actually worsen the open pores.

Q2) Do facial masks really help in tightening of skin pores?

Facial masks especially clay masks help in drying the sebum for some time and hence may minimise the large (open) pores. Open pores cannot be minimised as they are natural orifices. Hence these claims are not evidence based and are ‘temporary’ fixes.

Q3) Is frequent washing of face a must for reducing the pore size?

Frequent washing of the face leads to dryness and may irritate your skin more. It can actually cause itching or increased sensitivity of the skin.

Q4) How does Salicylic acid or glycolic acid work for minimising open pores?

Both AHA and BHA help in exfoliation and removal of clogged dirt and dead skin. It helps in making the pores cleaner and hence they appear smaller or minimal. They also make the inflammation in skin get better and hence prevent open pores. Glycolic acid also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in open pores.

Q5) Are toners and pore minimisers really helpful in closing the pores?

Toners and Astringents only help in deep cleansing and hence making the pores look cleaner and their astringent effect is very temporary. It cannot penetrate up to the level of the oil gland or hair follicle to tighten the facial pore. They perhaps can be used only as a very temporary measure.

Q6) What are the Dermatologist recommended procedures or methods to close the large facial pores?

As a Dermatologist, I generally recommend following procedures to effectively ‘minimise’ the open pores

  1. Carbon Peel – This procedure involves the application of Carbon ( At our clinic in Whitefield , we use patented Carbon sourced from US) which is heated by Q switched Laser and subsequently the 1064nm wavelength to remove the carbon. The carbon basically penetrates upto the level of the oil glands and into the depth of the pores and using the Spectra Q switched Laser, we heat up the entire pore from mouth to the end and hence contracting the pore size. It requires few sittings and is suitable for oily skin type. I generally do not prefer Carbon Peels treatment to patients with very dark skin or prone for pigmentation.

  2. Microneedling radiofrequency - We use Endymed intensif – World’s best and gold standard in MNRF. In this procedure , we use gold plated microneedles ( they are too tiny to cause any pain) to reach up to the level of dermis and deliver radiofrequency. The radiofrequency heats up the collagen and hence minimizes pore size giving you a smooth, flawless skin.

  3. Lasers – Carbon dioxide laser, Erbium YAG are also used to minimise or close pores. However caution is needed for the risk of hyperpigmentation is there. A careful selection of patient and experienced hands are a must. As MNRF becomes popular, Lasers are no longer a first choice for closing open pores.

Q7) What is Dermatologist advice to prevent ‘open pores’?

It is very important to practice these steps to prevent open pores-

  1. Cleansing- Keeping the face clean and dirt free is the most basic step. However if you have oily skin , then prefer AHA or BHA cleanser. You can read  more about cleansers on my blog.

  2. Avoid Excessive facial massages- There is a lot of buzz around Jade rollers and skin yoga. They may actually increase open pores and should be avoided.

  3. Exfoliation- A good exfoliant should be used to keep pores dirt free and oil control on the face. Glycolic acid is one of the most popular agents used for exfoliation. Please consult your Dermatologist before starting GA.


  4. Exercise- Avoid weight gain as excessive oil gland activity is responsible for more open pores

  5. Balanced Diet- The diet should be low in refined sugars and processed foods. Antioxidants are very potent agents to prevent collagen degradation.

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