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Weekend pampering routine by Dr Divya Sharma

Weekend skincare routine you must follow
Posted date on Sep 06, 2021

Weekend pampering routine by Dr Divya Sharma

The weekends were a long-awaited pleasure to refresh and rejuvenate after a busy week-long schedule. Weekends were once about short trips, meeting friends, spa sojourns, pampering ourselves to do whatever we loved. The idea of the weekend has now gone for a toss. With most of us working from home, the clear demarcation between personal and professional time has been blurred. Work schedules have been exhausting and they will continue to be, so do not let go of your me-time amidst the daily routine. Soak in the weekend vibes and take some time off to pamper yourself to the fullest. 

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Here are some tips to pamper yourself and treat your skin right before the Monday blues hit you again.

  1. Clean up: Forgetting to moisturize and hydrate your skin on weekdays is common. Thus, every weekend, cleansing the face with a good facial cleanser and dabbing it with cleansing milk is a must-do to give your skin some breathing space.

What is the importance of facial cleansing?

  1. Exfoliate: It is indeed true that our skin has been enjoying less exposure to pollution but it is still being piled up with dead cells and blackheads at home. So, exfoliate your skin to clear the clogged dead pores and blackheads with a good scrub to nourish your skin. Remember to not scrub your skin too hard.

  1. Face steam: The feel of warm steam on your skin is not only relaxing and a mood buster but it is also an excellent way of opening pores, softening blackheads and loosening dirt build-up for deeper cleansing.

  1. Nose peel: Our nose needs special attention due to the presence of excessive oil glands on it that causes clogged pores which are filled with sebum and comedones. Give these stubborn blackheads a run with gentle exfoliation which will clean the pores leaving your nose smoother and cleaner.

  1. Clay mask: They are a favourite for every skincare routine. They help in detoxifying pores, fighting acne and giving your skin a glowing smooth appearance. Perhaps you can add one to your weekend pampering session.

  1. Lip Scrub: The lips don’t lie so pamper them with a gentle exfoliating scrub. Your kissable lips need regular moisturizing and hydration to keep them supple and soft so make sure to add the extra TLC during your weekend regime.

What are the advantages of lip scrubbing?

  1. Serum: For flawless skin with minimum effort a serum is a must-have in your pampering session. It nourishes, protects and hydrates your skin reducing blemishes and fighting ageing signs altogether. Do note that it is important to get the right serum for your skin. Make sure to consult a dermatologist before getting one for yourself.

  1. Eye Cream: Eyes are a giveaway of your stress and the beauty regime you are following. The skin around your eyes is more delicate and prone to micromovements. Therefore, give them the right kind of nourishment to look confident and healthy.

What are the uses of eye cream?

  1. Moisturize: A moisturizer is essential to fight dry looking skin after the use of masks and packs. To do away with the stretched feeling of the skin, hydrate it with the seal of goodness from a moisturizer. 

  1. Face oil + Roller:  Face rollers are the latest fad and including them in your beauty regime is currently suggested everywhere. They are a mini massage that makes you feel good and your skin pampered. Face oils are an ancient beauty secret that is getting back its due. The oils make your skin supple and pliable giving it a vibrant look. Do consult a skin specialist before indulging in a roller for your face.

Pampering on weekends is a great way to relax, however, you must take care of your skin by following good skin habits. Also, before using any new product and including it in your beauty regimen, it is advisable to check with a dermatologist. The nearby skin doctors in your area and a quick appointment would do you a lot of help in getting the perfect glowing skin.

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