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Unwanted Male Body Hair

Unwanted Male Body Hair

These days men are becoming increasingly conscious of carrying a well groomed look. People working in corporate sector, IT and multinationals cannot afford to have their well groomed look compromised by unwanted body hair.

It is a primitive concept that shaving is the only option available for men to remove body hair. Before we get in to understand various methods of hair removal available.

Let us first understand the different types of hair:

Vellus :
Vellus hair is soft and short and is replaced with thicker hair (Terminal hair) during puberty in certain body parts. Terminal hair structure is different from that of vellus hair. It's stronger and longer.

Terminal :
Rough in texture, dark and long. In females, terminal hair is found only in the armpits and the pubic area on the other hand in men, it is also found on the face, chest, legs, back and sometimes even on the shoulders.

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Male Threading
Hair Removal Cream for Men
Waxing for Men
Laser Hair Removal for men
Most straightforward but also the more repetitive as the shaved area grows hair in few days and the process has to be repeated.
Applicable for certain areas like nose, chin, eyebrows and cheeks. Done using a thread again this is not permanent and is very painful. But this is inexpensive way to keep certain parts of the face groomed.
There are many over the counter cream formulations for hair removal. The down side is the process is not permanent, there is a strong odour associated and there can be instances of redness and burning.
Longer lasting though painful process. In the long run waxing proves to be very expensive and also time consuming. Needless to mention the painful sessions..Ouch!!
Lot of young men especially in a metropolitan city like Bangalore are opting for laser hair removal. This is a safe and scientific solution to deliver them a clean, polished look.


Laser Hair Removal is a procedure where a specific beam of light or vacuum targets the follicle, disabling the growth cycle of the hair. LHR also provides relief from ingrown hairs and painful shaving rashes. The vacuum technology is much less painful than the other technologies.

The entire body areas including small parts like- cheeks, mid brow, under arms or bigger body areas like chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, buttocks and private areas can be effectively treated using laser hair removal.


Step 1: Doctor consults and does an area assessment
Step 2: Patient is prepared by shaving the target area.
Step 3: Procedure performed using world class laser equipment.

At DSHS (Dr Divya's Skin and Hair Solutions) we have experience of 1,000s of patients on hair removal which includes numerous men. We have the world’s best equipment Lumenis LightSheer Desire with Vacuum assist technology and HS handpiece which makes the entire process very painless, fast and more effective.

Although we recommend a course of six treatments, a significant difference will be apparent after just two or three.

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