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Like Microneedling, subcision treatment also uses the technique of creating controlled injuries to stimulate collagen production to address skin concerns.  It is commonly used for treating Acne Scars specifically depressed acne scars. The depression is caused due to fibrotic strands that pull the skin downwards. It also helps reduce wrinkles.

What is the procedure like?
Subcision is a micro-surgical procedure which is done under the guidance of a dermatologist. Since it is a small procedure, the patient does not need to be hospitalised. A hypodermic needle is used to break down the strands of fibrous scar tissues.

This mechanical action disrupts blood vessels which then let blood get accumulated in the
Treated area. This not only stops reattachment of scars but also aids in the healing process by regenerating collagen.

The following steps are followed during the treatment process:
Step 01: The area to be treated is cleaned thoroughly
Step 02: Dr. Divya examines the scars and wrinkles and then uses a surgical marker to mark the scar/wrinkle to be treated.
Step 03: Local Anesthesia is used to minimise any discomfort
Step 04: A hypodermic needle is used to break through the skin’s surface. It is then moved in a fan like motion till a snap sound comes which denotes that fibrotic strands have been broken.

Most of the patients see visible results just after the first treatment. However the number of sittings required depends on a variety of factors like how deep is your scar, the age of the scar and the severity of the scar.  One may be asked to visit for a couple of sessions with a gap of 4 weeks between the two sessions. The results of the treatment are permanent.

Post Treatment Care
Immediately after the treatment, one may experience redness and swelling. This is temporary and may be accompanied by bruises. One may apply ice packs or prescribed topical applications to calm the redness and the swelling. The cold compress also helps the bruising.

Advantages of the procedure
Subcision offers a wide range of advantages. Some of them are listed below:
-It is a safe and effective procedure
-The procedure can easily be combined with other available Acne Scar treatments
-There is no risk of PIH or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Who is eligible for the treatment?
The treatment is for people suffering from acne scars, chicken pox scars and stretchable scars caused due to an injury. The treatment also helps remove wrinkles.However people with active skin infection or any viral infection, suffering from keloid scars and bleeding disorders cannot opt for this treatment.

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