Laser Toning

Laser Toning in Bangalore

A lot of patients are baffled with uneven skin tone and pigmentation. We combine a variety of techniques to improve the color and skin tone using safe and scientific methods. We established the use of original Q switched Laser in Whitefield Spectra GOLD for laser toning. Here are a few questions asked by our patients about the technology.

Q) What is Laser toning?
The concept of laser toning (low fluence, multipass technique, multiple sessions at weekly intervals) is based on the proposed novel theory of subcellular selective photothermolysis. The ultrastructural changes within melanosome were studied using transmission electron microscopy. A reduction in the dendrites of epidermal melanocytes(pigment cells) was seen following laser treatment. Laser treatment caused selective photothermolysis (destruction) on Stage IV melanosomes, wherein the melanocytes remained intact and only the melanosomes were destroyed.

They concluded that the laser toning was an effective method for treating melasma through subcellular- selective photothermolysis. Traditional treatments result in destruction and death of pigment-containing cells. In response to which inflammation follows and results in repigmentation and recurrence or postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Since fluence used is very less and there is no cell death, inflammation and heating is minimum, thus reducing the chances of recurrence.

Q) What are the precautions and advice before the treatment?
Treating pigmentation in Indian skin types require some precautions to attain best results which include:

a) Strict sun-protective clothing and use of broad-spectrum sunscreens of SPF at least 30 and PA +++ prior to starting laser treatment and throughout the course of therapy.
b) Proper priming with skin-lightening agents such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, and/or other non- hydroquinone skin lightening agents at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the initiation of laser therapy.
c) Performing test treatments/test spots to choose the right fluence.
d) Individualizing the treatment parameters for the patient and indication.
e) Use of a laser with a "top-hat" beam profile, large spot size, and lower fluences in darker skin types.
f) Avoiding stacking and too much overlap while treating.
g) Postoperative ice pack application for a few minutes, application of emollients).
h) In patients with sensitive skin, the Q-switched Nd: YAG laser pulse can be split into two (in select models) with a 100- microsecond interval between the two pulses, thereby lowering the discomfort or pain. This is called photoacoustic twin pulse or quick pulse-to-pulse mode in specific laser systems.

Q) Is the treatment painful or does it have a downtime?
The procedure is absolutely painless and only minimal redness is seen in very few people. Rather this is one of the quickest office time procedure.

Q) What are the precautions after laser toning?
The precautions include strict sun protection and unsafe of a high SPF Sunscreen. The patient should continue to use the same treatment regimen as advised.

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