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Nose Reshaping Treatment

Nose Reshaping

One of the facial features that first gets noticed is the Nose. All around the world, depending on the geography and the climatic conditions, humans of different ethnicities tend to have similar kinds of noses. For example, people who live in warmer climates tend to have wider nostrils and people who reside in higher altitudes have narrower nostrils.

Traditionally, a sharp nose was considered to be a sign of beauty. Over the years, researchers from around the world have tried to deduce the perfect nose shape. Several studies have since concluded that the ideal nose should have a nasal tip rotation of 106 degrees.

Today, with the selfie culture and the steep rise in online meetings, people are becoming more and more conscious of their facial features  and Nose being a prominent feature often gets noticed first. Hence one may find a surge in the number of people opting for procedures like Nose Reshaping.

While there are different methods available to help one achieve the perfect nose shape, it can be essentially invasive and non invasive procedures.

Invasive Nose Reshaping Procedures
Commonly called as Rhinoplasty, this invasive method is used by cosmetic surgeons to enhance the shape, size and symmetry of the nose. By reshaping your nose, the doctor alters the nasal structures including the bone, cartilages and skin. This permanent reshaping of the nose helps to:

  • Narrow the nostrils

  • Reduce the size of the nose

  • Straighten a nose

  • Smoothen a bump

  • Achieve symmetry

  • Address breathing concerns

  • Increase the length of the nose

There are different types of Rhinoplasty that are adopted by cosmetic surgeons around the world. These include:

a) Open Rhinoplasty
Open Rhinoplasty is a widely used type of nose reshaping wherein an incision is made under the nasal tip. This method is used to reshape the types of noses that need extensive work to be done. 

b) Closed Rhinoplasty
In closed rhinoplasty, incision is made inside the nostril in cases which need minor reshaping to be done. There are no visible scars in this procedure.

The procedure under both open and closed rhinoplasty takes about 90-180 minutes. Since it is a surgery, the patient may have to stay in the hospital for a day or two under observation.

c) Non Invasive methods of Nose Reshaping
In recent years, non invasive methods of Nose reshaping have gained immense popularity. Dermal Fillers are used to correct irregularities easily. Fillers create a brilliant illusion of a perfect nose. They can be used to add volume and even rotate the tip of the nose.

Dermal FIllers show instant results and the patient can go home after the procedure. A patient might experience certain redness or bruises which typically go away in a few days.

One should remember that the non invasive procedure is not  permanent and one may need maintenance treatments once in a while.

Who is the right candidate for Nose Reshaping?
Typically healthy individuals whose facial growth has taken place completely are the right candidates for the procedure. One should also opt for this procedure with realistic expectations.

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