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Laser skin lightening - All that you wanted to know

Where to get skin lightening treatment done?
Posted date on Jan 20, 2022

Laser skin lightening - All that you wanted to know from your Dermatologist 

Pigmentation is a common skin concern today. Many times due to stress, sedentary lifestyle and over work, skin may lose its glow and become dull. Uneven skin tone is often the result of a combination of factors - bad nutritional choices, improper skin care routine and lack of sun protection. Laser treatment for skin lightening is a very safe procedure done in our clinic in Whitefield, Bengaluru. In this blog, I address all the commonly asked questions about laser skin lightening 

Q-1) What is Laser Skin Lightening? 

Ans: Pigmentation can be made lighter by various methods - including topical treatments (using creams or ointments) and oral medications. But sometimes the level of pigmentation in your skin may not be shallow enough for treating it with these types of tools, which require a modality that goes into deeper layers without any side effects . 

When we talk about laser therapies , most people think immediately about Q switched , Nd :YAG lasers because they're one of the many popular options available today.  

A laser targeting pigment at a depth of 1064 nm wavelength can be used to reduce deep seated pigmentation without side effects, making this an ideal method for those looking not only fair but also other shades in between.

What are the options for skin lightening treatment?

Q- 2) What kind of laser is good for skin lightening treatment?

Ans: The Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is an excellent choice for skin lightening treatment because it can target both superficial and deep pigmentation. The longer wavelength (1064 nm) works well on people with dark complexions, while 532 nm will be more effective if you have lighter colored hair or feathers that need removing from your face!

Q- 3) What is the mechanism of Laser skin lightening?

Ans: The laser skin lightening process is both photo-thermal and acoustic. It heats up pigment molecules, which then break apart to remove the pigments from your body forever!

Q-4) Is laser skin treatment permanent?

Ans: The laser practically removes pigment, so you can be certain that your skin will never again have a dark spot on it. Unlike other procedures like chemical peels which may not achieve permanent results because of the dead cells buildup and accumulation in some places over time--laser skin lightening is finally here to save us!

Is laser skin whitening a safe procedure?

Q- 5) Is laser skin lightening safe?

Ans: Laser skin lightening has been found to be a safe and effective treatment for those who have darker pigmentation. While it does not cause side effects like peeling or redness in most cases, you should always consult your dermatologist before undergoing this type of procedure.

With the help of our high-quality lasers, you can achieve successful outcomes and minimise side effects.The world is adrift in glowing science fiction but there's one thing for certain: no matter what happens next--whether good or bad news awaits us—a laser will always be able provide relief from pain wherever it casts its beam.There are almost no side effects when it comes to laser skin lightening. In the hands of an expert and with a good system, you'll hardly notice any difference at all!

Q- 6) What is the cost of laser skin lightening in Bangalore?

Ans: Yes, it is one of the most economical treatments available today.It also depends on the area to be treated and the system used. We at Dr Divya’ Skin and Hair solutions clinic offer exclusive discounts and offers to take care of your skin needs.

Q-7) What are the skin concerns addressed by laser skin lightening procedure?

Ans: The laser skin lightening procedure treats many conditions that concern the complexion, such as 

  1. Dull or uneven tone

  2. Age spots (those pesky little chocolate disks on your forehead)

  3. Freckles and other delicate pigmentation marks from sun exposure - like burns! 

  4. Melasma is an acquired blushing/initial bruising of pigment 

  5. Dark underarms 

  6. Improves quality and texture of skin 

  7. Prevents darkening of existing spots

  8. Bridal skin lightening 

  9. Dark intimate areas 

  10. Dermal pigmentation like Lichen planus pigmentosus 

  11. Pigmentation left behind by insect bites or itching 

  12. Pigmentation after skin burns

  13. Dark circles 

  14. Skin lightening

Q-8) Can I get laser skin lightening treatment before my wedding?

Ans - Absolutely! This is one of the safest and most effective procedures to reduce pigmentation, creating a glowing complexion for both grooms or brides that are just prior to their nuptials.Right now. It's safe, effective and can be done at any point in your life!

Q-9) Can Laser skin lightening help in reducing pigmentation around the mouth?

Ans: Pigmentation around the mouth is a very stubborn condition to treat. Creams , lotions and serums do not often help as pigment is deep. Laser Skin lightening is the only modality which helps in improving darkness and lightening the skin around the mouth. No creams can help in lightening the area around the mouth.

Is laser skin lightening a permanent solution?

Q- 10) Can Lasers be used to lighten the inner thighs?

Ans: Laser skin lightening is a very safe procedure that can be used to remove stubborn areas like inner thighs. However, if you're overweight or have friction between your legs from activities such as cycling then this may trigger recurrence so please consult with Dr Divya Sharma before starting any treatments!

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