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How to tighten the skin around the eyes

Posted date on Nov 20, 2021

How to tighten the skin around the eyes?

The eyes are a reflection of one’s soul. As a Dermatologist in Bengaluru, Dr. Divya Sharma observes in her practice that the under-eye area is the first skin to show signs of ageing. Our skin in the under eye area shows first signs of wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. I am often asked about eyelid skin tightening and related queries. In this article we will talk about the ways to tighten the skin around the eyes.

Eye tightening is generally required for patients looking for smoother eyelids, less prominent wrinkles and fine lines. Patients spending longer screen times especially work from home (WFH) routines tend to expose our eye and under eye area to radiation. This is responsible for premature ageing and drooping eyelid area and crow’s feet around our eyes.

Q-1) What is the reason for early signs of ageing around eyes?

Ans - The Periorbital region is one of the areas showing the earliest signs of aging. Skin around the eyes is different from the rest of the face and this should be considered when treating this region. Microscopically the skin in the area around the eyes shows smoothed dermal–epidermal border, thin dermis, and low density of sebaceous glands. Also it has thin and superficially located subcutaneous tissue and skin folds are created as a result of overactivity of the orbital part of the orbicularis oculi muscle. That's the reason that the periorbital skin has low elasticity, is prone to skin wrinkles, discoloration and also the formation of fat bags under eyes.

Q-2) What is the best cream or serum for under eye tightening?

Ans - Most of the eyelid tightening cream or serum work at a superficial layer. They help in reducing skin atrophy by remodelling collagen to some extent by constituents like retinol, matrixyl peptides and Vitamin K which is particularly helpful in reducing hemosiderosis ( dark circles). They are helpful in maintenance and prevention to some extent. But the coarse wrinkles caused by muscular over activity require a procedure which targets the collagen and skin at a deeper level.

Q-3) What are the non surgical options for eyelid skin tightening or to treat fine lines and Crow’s feet?

Ans – At Dr Divya's Skin and Hair Solutions clinic, we use Endymed iFine which is an effective, pain free and surgery free option for eyelid skin tightening. Using the 3DEEP Radiofrequency technology, Endymed iFine targets the epidermis and dermis layers and allows the heating of dermal collagen. This stimulates the fibroblastic response and provides new Collagen. This gives a wrinkle free, tighter and youthful under eye area.


Q-4) Is Endymed iFine treatment a safe procedure and is it painful?

Ans - iFine has a very fine and delicate probe which allows it to be used on the contours of the socket area of the eye. It uses radiofrequency and not laser and hence is very safe for use around eyes. The periorbital area is very delicate and Endymed iFine at our clinic fulfils the safety criteria. The procedure feels like a warm , soothing massage and is completely painless.

Q-5) Is this treatment better than eye skin tightening products?

Ans – The unique 3 DEEP Radiofrequency technology , we are able to target deeper dermis and hence the results are much better than eyelid tightening serums or creams. However eye skin tightening creams can be used for maintenance.

Q-6) Do under eye skin tightening remedies work?

Ans- Most of the home remedies help very temporarily by improving hydration. No under eye skin tightening remedies will reach at deeper dermis level and actually help in boosting Collagen

Q-7) How many sessions of Endymed iFine are required for best results?

Ans- At least 6 sessions at weekly intervals are done for initial booster treatment followed by maintenance sessions which can be one monthly. The best part of under eye skin tightening treatment at our clinic is that the results will continue to last much longer even after stopping treatment.

Q-8) Is there any minimum age for starting this treatment?

Ans- Endymed iFine treatment helps in preventing ageing, wrinkles and under eye hollowness. It is helpful in preventing dark circles. It can be started at any age after 18 years. There is no contraindication as Radiofrequency as it is not laser and is safe for all skin types.

Q-9) Is Endymed iFine treatment at Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair solutions clinic nonsurgical and painless?

Ans - The iFine is designed to treat the delicate periorbital area and is non-invasive, safe and painless skin tightening around the eyes, without the need for any surgery.

The handpiece used to deliver treatment is smaller than the one used for face tightening, which allows us to reach the smaller, bony contours of the eye socket.

Q-10) How many sessions are required for best results?

Ans- For best results Dr. Divya Sharma usually recommends a course of six treatments, spaced a couple of weeks apart which can be followed up or maintained by monthly sessions if required. It is an ideal treatment for a smooth, wrinkle free skin around eyelids and is non-invasive and a very relaxing treatment.

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