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How to layer skincare products?

Learn how to layer skincare products
Posted date on Sep 02, 2021

How to layer skincare products?

Since the onset of the pandemic, most of the companies and agencies encourage work from home (WFH), and it looks like the ease of WFH might be permanent for the majority of them. Our skin has been thankful for the WFH arrangement. The no makeup look has allowed our natural beauty to shine and do away with the alluring experimentation of facials at the beauty salons. However, the pandemic and WFH culture has also made us extremely lazy and careless when it comes to skincare. A proper skincare regime is required to make you and your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

The importance of Skincare Layering:

To enhance the results of a skincare regime and increase the effectiveness of the products used, it is very important to understand the correct order of application of every product. This maximizes the benefits of the products and more than the offer avoids running off in sweat as the products get absorbed in the skin thoroughly. 

Below is the proper order in which you must apply the skincare products. You must wait for at least a minute after the application of every product to let it absorb completely. I highly recommend using skincare products as per the recommendation of the dermatologist. You can book a teleconsultation with me at +91 9620638388 or log on to the website at: https://www.drdivyasharma.com/book-an-appointment/

Importance of skincare products layering

Morning routine

  1. Cleanser: Use a gentle cleanser every morning to ensure every speck of dust and excess oil secretion is cleansed from the skin’s surface.  

  2. Toner: Dab a few drops of toner to your skin.  It will help in creating a skin barrier, reducing the size of pores and keeping impurities at bay by not allowing it to seep in. Anti-oxidant serum: Serums help in brightening and improving the overall skin texture. Available in varying consistencies, they seep into your skin completely and help in the absorption of other products. There are a number of serums available in the market and  it is important to understand the specific concern of your skin you wish to target based on the ingredients of the serum.  Therefore, it is advisable to not use a serum without a dermatologist's recommendation.

  3. Spot treatment: This is an optional step and is specifically for those who opt to use treatments Spot treatment products are to be used in only the amounts specified and should be discontinued after the desired results are achieved.

  4. Eye cream: A lightweight eye cream is a must have in  your skincare routine. Take a little amount of eye cream on the tip of your ring finger and gently dab or massage it around the eyes. This helps in moisturizing the delicate skin under your eyes, preventing signs of ageing, wrinkles, fine lines. It also helps to reduce the dark circles and puffiness

  5. Moisturizer: You have to be very mindful about the consistency of the moisturizer you are using and your current skin texture. You might have to change the products according to the season or change the skin type. From gel-based, cream-based, or oil-based moisturizers, there are a lot of products to choose from according to budget too.

  6. Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a must before stepping out of the house as well as while working from home. It helps in protecting the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun and the screen that causes multiple skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, discoloration and skin cancer. 

Skincare routine for night

Night routine

  1. Makeup remover: At the end of your day, use a makeup remover to strip off the makeup and other skincare products thoroughly.

  2.  Cleanser: A gentle cleanser to cleanse your skin without making it feel dry and tight will do wonders for your skin. 

  3. Eye cream: An eye cream in the night skincare routine will ensure that it is absorbed completely and takes a long time to work on the skin of your eyes. 

  4. Spot treatment: A spot treatment product is most effective at night as it gives your skin time for healing. It has less chance to run off or spread over,stays put and works gently on your skin concerns. 

  5. Night cream/ mask: A night cream or skin mask is a heavier skin cream that is applied only at night as it sits well on your skin. 

Night cream for skin

Plan your skincare regime according to your skin type and texture and  remember to consult your dermatologist before opting for or changing your skincare products.  

DISCLAIMER: While the products sold over the counter are appealing , they may not be the correct ones for your skin and may do you harm. Therefore, consult a skin doctor nearby or book an online consultation for best results.


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