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How important is hydration for skin care in summer?

 Beauty hacks for summer
Posted date on Mar 11, 2022

How important is hydration for skin care in summer?

How difficult is it to adopt a skincare routine as per the seasonal changes? If you think your skin does not require a change in its daily routine every season, it's time to think again! Good dermatologists like Dr Divya Sharma practising in Bangalore explains that the requirement of the skin changes with the change in the season. While winter is all about dryness in skin and nourishment, summers are all about protection of the skin from the harsh heat and the harmful UV rays that cause rashes, sunburn and tanning. Keeping the skin hydrated during summers is very important for a healthy glowing complexion.

Hydration of the skin requires some basic simple steps to be followed on a regular basis. A good skin requires commitment and is achieved by taking care of it through good products, and also being committed to a healthy lifestyle. Dr Divya Sharma, one of the top dermatologists in Bangalore suggests the following tips to ensure good hydration of your skin in summers.

Why is sunscreen important in summer?

Cleansing and Exfoliation: Pollution and dirt mixed with sweat and grime creates a deadly combination in the pores of the skin. If not cleansed properly this creates acne breakouts. To ensure a soft, supple skin in summers cleanse your face twice a day with a mild cleanser and follow it up with exfoliation every week. Do not scrub your skin excessively to make sure not to strip it off the natural oils.

Tips to keep skin hydrated in summer

Moisturising: If you think moisturisers are only essential during winters, it's a wrong assumption. Top skin specialists say that our body loses a lot of moisture in the form of sweat during summers. Therefore it is essential to keep it hydrated by intaking lots of fluid and fruits with more water content. Moisturising your skin every night before going to sleep will help lock the natural oils from stripping and keeping the skin hydrated.

How many glasses of water should I drink in a day?

Sunscreen: Dr Divya Sharma like all the top dermatologists in AECS layout Bangalore, emphasises on the importance of sunscreen in your daily regime. Sunscreen helps in shielding the skin from the harmful UV rays and those who are exposed to the sun for longer hours should reapply it every two hours to ensure its efficacy.

Go natural: Try adopting the no makeup or low makeup look to keep your skin's glow protected and offer it the necessary hydration by letting the pores breathe. Include lots of foods that are rich in antioxidants in your diet in summer to keep your skin and body temperature cool suggests Dr Divya Sharma, skin specialist in Bangalore.

Do not shy away from consulting a dermatologist if required for your skin concerns during summer. Remember that while home remedies may soothe your skin temporarily it cannot eradicate the problem. Consult a dermatologist near you for proper treatment and guidance to solve your problems.

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