Home remedies for Skin care – A Dermatologist’s perspective

Many a times I encounter queries from my patients about the DIY or home remedies for treating skin conditions. India has always been a hub of traditional and alternative medicine and hence this fetish is understandable. But the message that needs to trickle down is that there are very few genuine practitioners and very less authentic research available to support the claims. I consult and treat almost daily many avoidable skin reactions due to use of these over hyped DIY remedies. In this article, I would like to bust the myths around a few of them.

  • Turmeric and Sandalwood paste can make one’s skin fair
      Absolutely untrue, rather regular application of this can increase your pigmentation.
  • Drinking ‘certain unani preparation’ would purify my blood and clear acne. 
    Acne is a condition that involves the pilosebaceous follicle and not the circulatory system. It requires a good regime which targets the oil gland which is located in the superficial layers of the skin.
  • Giving bath with ‘gram flour’ instead of regular soap will make the babies skin glow
    Gram flour is abrasive in nature hence stripping the soft and sensitive skin of your baby hence making it more prone to eczema. A good pH balanced soap is desirable.
  • Giving bath with milk makes the skin fairer
    The complexion of the skin is decided by the content of melanin which is to quite an extent determined by genetics. External application of anything cannot help in making skin fairer.
  • Washing with mineral water will help in improving hair fall
    Hard water has no impact on the amount of hairfall , It can only make the texture of the hair coarser. Hair fall requires thorough diagnosis and management.

Please beware of  these popular DIY ideas as it may not necessarily benefit you and can instead harm the skin. Please consult your Dermatologist for a good skin care regimen.

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