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dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers

Fuller cheeks, plump lips, smooth and wrinkle-free skin and no fine lines- these are some of the features of our face which usually get dull with age and lifestyle often replaced by fine lines, wrinkles and less volume. To get that youthful appearance back, various injectable treatments like botox and dermal fillers are being employed largely these days. But is it really worth the hype? Is it safe to get your “skin” injected?

Before anything, one should know subtle differences between botox treatment and dermal fillers. 

1. First and foremost point worth noticing is that botox is a purified form of a toxin obtained from bacteria, namely botulinum, meaning that it is deadly in larger amounts. Though really little amount has worked safe for wrinkles. But dermal fillers are basically gel-like substances which are injected beneath the skin to give volume to the skin, smoothening crease lines and wrinkles, plumping lips and thus regenerating that youthful skin. Moreover, fillers made of hyaluronic acid are like your skin’s friends as it is naturally found in your skin. Besides that, there are other components as well used for making fillers like PMMA, CaHA, and more; and all of these are and in fact should be approved by the FDA.

2. Botox treatment tends to last for 3-4 months while dermal fillers can last anywhere between 6 months to even 2 years.

3. Botox doesn’t deal with fine lines and wrinkles, instead with wrinkles and lines caused due to muscle movement, also called as dynamic wrinkles. But dermal fillers are designed to treat numerous signs of aging, namely static wrinkles. Thus depending on the type of filler, one can go for lip plumping or enhancing shallow face areas or reducing wrinkles around the face to include others.

Dermal fillers are:

  • For smooth brow furrows, crow’s feet and frown lines

  • For smooth under eyes or for tear troughs

  • For lifting and enhanced cheeks

  • For smooth marionette lines (two extremely distinct lines running from corners of one’s mouth to either side of the chin)

  • For plump lips

  • For rejuvenation of your hands as the skin tends to loosen up and thus, wrinkle

  • To soften nasolabial folds, that is, smile lines which usually last for an year but can also extend more than that

  • For smoothened vertical lip lines and chin wrinkles

  • Lastly, to fill in acne scars


Various brands like VOLUMA, Juvederm and more have their fillers for tackling one or more of the above filler requirements. Dr. Divya Sharma will choose the one curing the concerned issue and thus, working the best. 

Perfection comes with practice and experience, so choose an experienced doctor for your skin!

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