Cradle-Cap: Myths demystified

Cradle cap is a patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of infants and sometimes toddlers. It is a variant of seborrhoeic dermatitis that is confined to the scalp but can very rarely involve other areas of the body such as behind the ears, in the creases of the neck, armpits and diaper area.

In my years of practice in Pediatric Dermatology, I have come across many myths and queries about common skin condition called as ‘Cradle cap’.

Q- Is it because of poor hygiene or some wrong foods eaten by the mother?
Ans This is the most common myth associated with cradle cap.It is not due to poor hygiene , food or any infection. It is rather one of the commonest skin conditions in pediatric age group.

Q- Doe this harm my baby?
Ans- This is absolutely harmless and is mostly non itchy.

Q- Does it require treatment?
Ans “ Cradle cap ‘ generally requires no treatment apart from regular application of oil and gentle combing of the skin flakes without rubbing. You need to consult Your Pediatric Dermatologist if the baby has itchy scalp or the skin looks inflamed.

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