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Chin enhancement

Chin Enhancement

Chin Enhancement is a procedure that aids in enhancing the features of the chin & helps provide a foundation to the face and eventually a well defined look for both men and women.

There are mainly two methods of Chin Enhancement that can be chosen. These are:
1. Dermal Fillers which is a non invasive procedure
2. Chin Implants which is a invasive procedure

Let us understand these two methods in depth.

a) Dermal Fillers
Chin Augmentation can be achieved by Dermal fillers which is a non invasive method to add volume to the chin. This method can be chosen by people who are looking for mild chin enhancement.

What is the procedure like?
It is an extremely simple procedure wherein your dermatologist will first assess the requirements of your chin and then Inject fillers to augment the chin. At Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair solutions, we use fillers that are widely recognised and are US FDA approved.

There are various advantages of Dermal Fillers. Some of them are listed below:
-Instant Results
-No Downtime
-Safe and Effective Procedure

Are the results permanent?
Like any other fillers procedure, this one is also not a permanent. Depending on the filler material used, the results may last up to 15-24 months and then wear off on its own. One may be required to visit the dermatologist for maintenance treatment.

b) Chin Implants
Chin Implants  is the surgical method to correct any irregularities in the chin. Also called as Genioplasty, Chin Implants can be opted by people who have:
-Birth Defect
-Elongated Chin
-Receding Chin
-Saggy skin around the chin area

If more volume needs to be added to your Chin to reshape it then biocompatible implants are surgically fitted around the chin area. These implants are generally made up of silicone which easily mold around your jaw. The size and shape of these implants depend on the amount of enhancement your chin requires. After these implants are inserted, the final results look completely natural and permanent.

What is the procedure like?
The cosmetic surgeon first examines your chin and then decides the size and shape of the implants that would be required to augment your skin. Following the examination, your reports are checked to ensure that you are a healthy individual who can undergo the treatment.

Once it is established that you are the right candidate, you are called in for the surgery which typically lasts for an hour or two.

Is there any post treatment care required?
Chin Augmentation procedures usually have little downtime and patients can get back to their routine within a week. However there are a few post treatment care which you would be required to follow:
-You are required to keep your head elevated while sleeping
-Take pain medication or cold compress to subside pain and swelling, if any
-Ensure intake of liquid diet for a couple of days as recommended by the surgeon

When can you see the results?
You can start seeing the results within a month of the surgery and the final results by the third month when the swelling can completely subsided.

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