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Why should you consult a skin specialist for all your skin problems?

Chances are that your appointment with a skin specialist is long due , but you tend to delay it, deeming it unimportant because your skin issues may not be causing any major discomfort to your lifestyle.

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With the onset of rains in most parts of the country, there is finally a respite from the summers but also an increase in the humidity. The changing seasons affect the skin and hair directly and we must remember to change some of our habits along with the skincare and hair care products. To help you combat the monsoon hardships of your skin and hair, I have penned down the 5 beauty must dos with the onset of monsoons.

Anti-hair fall treatments in Bangalore

Excessive fall has been a perennial problem for adult men and women. While both male and female pattern baldness can be caused due to hereditary, certain medications or conditions like PCOS and menopause for women, it is a known fact that drastic change in our lifestyle is also highly responsible for hair loss. Treatments like hair straightening and keratin procedures when done without consulting a trichologist can also really harm the hair and lead to hair fall.

Best treatments of pigmentation

Each one of us has a unique skin color due to melanin synthesized by the cells of the skin; this is responsible for all the pigmentation. When the melanin is synthesized in large amounts, it leads to hyperpigmentation.

sunscreen when at home

Amid the current pandemic situation, we have been spending the majority of our days working or simply lazing about the house. Because of this, most people tend to slack off on their daily skincare routine, especially the application of sunscreens.

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