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It is a very common practice for both men and women to undergo ‘facial’ and ‘clean ups’. It has been considered as a normal beauty or skin care routine. Traditionally the parlours and spas were popular places and provided the relaxing sessions. But as the awareness increases amongst the millennials, they often question the products and processes behind these procedures.

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Parenting is no easy feat and it can be quite a daunting task to take your child to see a doctor. Children have different needs and concerns as compared to adults and these should be addressed accordingly. Dermatologists are often considered as specialists exclusively for adults. However, we are here to do away with this misconception.

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In Spite of being prevalent, it till date remains the least spoken about concern. Needless to say, the lack of awareness & understanding surrounding PCOS has led to spreading of several myths about it. To help PCOS patients be well informed about their condition, I decided to debunk some of the common PCOS myths. Here are some of them:

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As we all adjust to a newer schedule and routine during COVID19, one of the most nagging issues is hair removal especially in underarms. Not only does it prevent us from wearing our sleeveless dresses, seldom might it cause itching as well. One of the popular requests is underarm hair removal at our clinic Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions Clinic in Whitefield, Marathahalli. None of the hair removal methods actually reduces the stubble.

A guide to identify skin type

One of the crucial factors for making an informed choice about what is best for your skin is to know your Skin Type. Once you are aware of your skin type then you can shop for the right skincare product products and opt for skincare treatments that are apt for you.

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