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Winter Skincare for Different Skin Types: Tailoring Your Routine

Winter Skincare for Different Skin Types
Posted date on Mar 01, 2024

You may have heard of the saying ‘do what suits you best’, while this is said with reference to your personality and experiences. This interestingly is what your skin thinks too!

Who decides if your skin needs that intensive hydration during winters? What if your winter skin is as moisturised as it gets and requires the opposite? As cold winds knock on your door for one last time this season, we’re here to help you identify your seasonal skin changes by getting down to the basics.

Don’t let common skin needs decide your unique skin's customised routine. The cardinal rule for any skincare routine to work, starts and ends with knowing your skin type well. So before you head out to restock your skin products, here’s a simple guide tailoring your routine to exactly what your skin type calls for this winter. 

> Winter skincare for normal skin:

Being most adaptive, your routine needs minimal changes. Follow your simple skin routine which should include maintaining your skin's balance. Use thick moisturisers and remember to cleanse as mildly as possible. 

> Winter skincare for oily skin:

Dry winds are not your oil-free skin solution. Don’t let misconceptions about winters and less oily skin cloud your judgement. Follow a morning exfoliation routine to avoid your skin from drying out, producing more sebum and leaving your face looking dull.

Winter skincare for oily skin

While cleansing, use a foam cleanser that can deeply cleanse while letting your skin breathe. Finally, use water-based gel moisturisers that let your skin feel light and prevent any residue from settling in. 

> Winter skincare routine for sensitive skin:

Always be mindful of what you apply on your skin- specifically because a sensitive skin type means your skin is more prone to irritation, redness and dehydration. Pick up a gentle cleanser that minimises damage and cleanses your face without clogging pores. Also use a mild exfoliant that can eliminate dead skin cells and give your skin the refined texture it needs.

Winter skincare routine for sensitive skin

Addtionally, opt for a soothing serum as prescribed by your dermatologist- as a protective step against any possible damage as well.

> Winter skincare routine for dry skin: 

Chilly winds already have it out for your dry skin. Steer clear of foaming face washes and use a cream based cleanser to soothe and hydrate skin by removing all impurities. Also use a hyaluronic acid serum which helps retain moisture and nourishes skin really well. 

Winter skincare routine for dry skin

Lastly, wear a non-greasy moisturiser formula which leaves skin soft while locking all the products in.

> Winter skincare routine for combination skin:

With a mixture of both oily and dry skin, your best solution is tackling each area with different products. In areas like your T-zone, nose and chin where excessive sebum is usually produced, opt for non-greasy and non-comedogenic products to balance oil production. 

On areas like your cheeks, and underlies, opt for a hydrating serum which helps protect your skin barrier and leaves your skin looking flushed. 

Winter skincare routine for combination skin

Remember to use gentle cleansers which help maintain a good balance between oily and dry areas of the skin. Keep your face moisturised through the day and avoid harsh, chemical based products at all costs.

Naturally maintain a radiant and healthy complexion by making these simple routine changes and enjoy the last few days this windy season has to offer. Over and above this, keep in mind that using sunscreen and drinking plenty of water remains a non-negotiable step regardless of your skin type. 

Watch your skin changes as you maintain your skincare practices all through and beyond this winter season. For a more detailed understanding of your skin and its exact needs, consult a dermatologist and customise your routine further. 

Here’s to you experiencing perfectly nurtured skin through and beyond this winter season!

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