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New Year, New Skin: Resolutions for Healthy and Glowing Skin in 2024

Resolutions for Healthy and Glowing Skin in 2024
Posted date on Jan 22, 2024

New Year means fresh new beginnings, especially for the one constant in your life- your skin! In 2024, let’s relook at our skin habits and pledge to make healthier changes. This year, we’re not about trends, but about the timeless nurturing you can provide to your skin, and get that radiant complexion and glow you’ve always wanted.

Here’s to feeling good from inside-out by following these dermatologist-recommended tips and making them your 2024 skin resolutions. 

  • We’ve said this enough but- HYDRATE, HYDRATE NOW

Skincare begins and ends with hydrating. Don’t miss out on what your body and skin need most, set periodic alarms to remind yourself to drink water during those busy schedules. Or, invest in hourly marked tumblers that help keep you motivated and make your job easier. 


While drinking water is your foremost skin secret, it's also about the dermat-recommended products you invest in. Opt for moisturisers and serums that lock in moisture, and help increase elasticity. Overall, leaving you with skin that feels supple and dewy always.

  • CLEANSE well and always REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP before bed

A non-negotiable step towards healthier skin in 2024. Make sure to cleanse twice a day- morning, before applying makeup, and at night, before going to bed. We know how hard it is to remain consistent after a long day of work, but not doing so may be your biggest skin mistake. Your makeup when slept on mixes with dirt and oils that have built up on your skin surface through the day. Leaving you with clogged pores, acne and other breakouts.


Reach for a facial cleanser that moisturises gently and adapts with your skin type. Always remember, a cleanser stripping your skin off its natural needs, is one you need to stay away from. Read this blog to find the right cleanser for your skin

  • Wear SUNSCREEN at every hour of the day

Make sunscreen your companion for life. We cannot stress enough and tell you how important sun protection is in preventing sunburn, premature ageing and maintaining a good skin barrier. Opt for a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ especially with spring coming in. 


Apply it daily on both your face and neck, as a final step to your skincare routine to protect yourself against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Make sure you reach out for one suitable for your skin type. 

  • You are what you eat, EAT RIGHT

With the holiday season behind us, we can bid adieu to refined sugars, complex carbohydrates and processed foods. Begin this year by increasing your antioxidant intake and opt for healthy fruits and vegetables which do wonders in improving collagen production, and making your skin as flawless and youthful as it gets. 


While you take in your fibres, also make sure you get your good fats. Oily fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel are great options. For vegetarians, nuts and seeds like walnuts, flax and chia seeds work as wonderful alternatives. 

Read this blog to learn how diet can impact your skin and hair health.

  • Make skincare easy- SIMPLIFY your SKIN ROUTINE

Think quality over quantity. A good skincare routine needs the right products, oftentimes we indulge in too many ingredients and end up disrupting the skin barrier and texture. The key to glowing skin lies in well thought-out, expert recommended solutions for your skin. 


A 12-step routine is great but a 5-step effective routine is better, do not overdo it in the pursuit of seeing immediate results. A good quality cleanser, moisturiser, vitamin-C, retinoid and sunscreen go a long way. Keep it simple and let your skin do its magic.

  • Consult a SKIN SPECIALIST for frequent skin exams 

Consider visiting a dermatologist to understand your skin needs better. By doing so you would be able to access personalised assessments, customised recommendations and treatments towards effectively radiant and flawless skin in 2024. 


If you’re based in Bangalore, we at Dr. Divya Sharma’s Skin and Hair Solutions do all of the above for you. Call us to book a consultation and learn more about how professional advice with consistent home care can gradually help you reach your skincare goals this year. 

Set the stage for a wonderful skin journey by following these 6 skin resolutions for 2024. Embracing these routine changes are beyond your skin and tap into lifestyle enhancements for a more stunning, glowing and positive you. 

Here's to living your best skin year yet!

Let's Initiate A Partnership For Your Health.