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5 Beauty must-dos during monsoons

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Posted date on Jul 04, 2021

5 Beauty must-dos during monsoons

With the onset of rains in most parts of the country, there is finally a respite from the summers but also an increase in the humidity. The changing seasons affect the skin and hair directly and we must remember to change some of our habits along with the skincare and hair care products. To help you combat the monsoon hardships of your skin and hair,  I have penned down the 5 beauty must dos with the onset of monsoons.

  1. Do not skip your skincare: We recommend washing your face with cold water twice a day; this will help your skin pores from getting clogged which is one of the reasons for adult acne. A good quality mild cleanser followed by a toner will help you close and even shrink the pores. 

    Our skin must retain the right amount of moisture, we advise you to continue the light moisturizer that you were using in summers. A good quality gel or water-based moisturizer will help your skin from getting dry or oily. 

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    Along with your basic cleansing and moisturiser , do not skip your sunscreen at all, the seasons change but you must shield your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays throughout the year. If you are not sure which products to opt for and which ones will suit your skin the best, we advise you to not try out any random popular product which can do more harm than good. Consult a dermatologist to understand your skin type, skin concerns, and requirements.

  2. Gentle exfoliation: We advise you to exfoliate once every week to remove the dead skin cells. Exfoliation helps to thoroughly cleanse your skin off any cosmetic or skincare product and clean the pores properly. Physical exfoliation can sometimes lead to sensitivity and breakouts , hence we advise you to consult a dermatologist for the right kind of exfoliating product according to your skin condition.

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    Always use a gentle scrub for body areas like arms and elbows for exfoliation as per your skin type.

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    Say no to bleach, DIY scrubs, and face packs, or those elaborate deep cleansing facials! If you feel that your skin feels dry, lacks luster, or is showing signs of lockdown skin, opt for a medi facial or chemical peels procedure at your dermatologists’ clinic.

  3. Don’t forget to take care of the crown! Most of the individuals experience a rather oily scalp, dry and frizzy hair which is so hard to tame in monsoons. We recommend you wash your hair thrice a week with a gentle shampoo that has no nasty ingredients. 

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    A conditioner is a must to prevent the drying of your hair and retaining the natural properties of your hair. If your hair is frizzy, we advise you to use a leave-in hair mousse or hair serum. There are too many hair care products that are now available in the market and most of them are not suitable for every hair type. To know more about which hair care products to get for your hair, consult a trichologist near you.

  4. Pay attention to your feet: Foot care is very essential in the monsoons as feet are prone to smell foul, allergic reactions, fungal infections, and other foot infections during rains. 

    • Make a habit of washing your feet as soon as you return home especially during monsoons. 

    • Use a good quality foot cream every night for moisturized feet. 

    • While most of us are staying home amidst the pandemic, whenever you have to step outside, choose footwear that keeps your feet protected from rainwater. 

    • If you get soaked in rains, remove damp socks and footwear as they lead to fungal infections. 

    • Keep your feet dry and clean and your feet' nails short all the time. 

    • A relaxing foot soak followed by gentle exfoliation and foot cream of your choice sounds like an amazing self-pampering time over the weekends!

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  5. Shower time: While it is very tempting to be in the hot shower while the cold breeze blows with the rain shower outside, do not forget that the hot water will strip down the natural oils of your skin and hair, making them drier. Hot showers lead to steam which opens the pores of the skin which tends to accumulate more gunk and bacteria and leads to breakouts. We advise you to have quick lukewarm or cold water showers during the monsoon.

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Before trying out the home remedies, popular skincare and hair care products, consult a dermatologist or you can now book an online consultation with me at +919620638388 from Monday to Saturday 8 am to 8 pm.

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