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5 Beauty don'ts during lockdown

Skin Care Regime
Posted date on Jun 12, 2020

5 Beauty don'ts during lockdown

Even though countries around the world are gearing up to open their economies, with no vaccine in place, it looks like our ‘New Normal” will include a lot of indoor time even in the near future.

Recently, I spoke about Lockdown Skin which is a term deduced for our skin which instead of glowing indoors is losing its radiance. Like I had mentioned in the blog “Lockdown Skin: A skin break or time for skin breakout” there are a variety of factors that are causing our skin to look dull and dehydrated. Today, I thought of digging a little deeper to help you understand what you should not do during a lockdown to help your skin and hair retain its natural glow. 

Don’t neglect your skincare routine
After spending 60+ days confined to our houses, it is natural for lethargy to take over. You may even feel like letting go of your skincare routine in between. This may seem harmless in the beginning but the long term repercussions of this action will definitely not be good.


work From home skin care

A healthy and glowing skin is a result of consistent care and a disciplined skincare routine. It is advised to continue following your beloved skincare routine to ensure your skin gets ample care. You may consider a skincare routine like brushing your teeth and indulge in both morning and night regime to ensure skin is at its best at all times.

While you are at it, follow the right sequence of a skincare which is Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. You can also pamper your skin with some DIY masks that will help the skin to rejuvenate.

Don’t lose out on a good sleep

With no sign of certainty and the need to quickly adapt to lifestyle changes, one may stress and overthink which may eventually make you lose out on a good sleep at night.

But did you know that there are numerous benefits of a sound sleep? One of the forerunners being our skin’s repair process at night. Not sleeping for the recommended 7-9 hours only disrupts this process. It also leads to hair concerns like hair fall and thinning.


Quarantine Sleep

To enable yourself to sleep well at night, you can practise yoga and meditation daily. Listening to calming music at night before sleeping has also known to help many.

Don’t spend too much time in front of the screen

The lockdown has increased our screentime tremendously. Students are taking online lessons, working professionals are working from home and in general with lack of activities, people are glued to their screens. While spending time online helps ward off boredom, it also has its own side effects. Too much screen time can strain the eyes which in turn leads to dark circles. Try and include some offline activities like reading, listening to music, exercising, painting and dancing in your daily routine to reduce screen time.

Let the blow dryers rest

Oh! How we love blow drying our hair and using irons to straighten and curl them. With more time indoors, this just might be the time to give your blow dryers and straighteners a good rest.

Our hair not only goes through damage caused due to wind, sun rays and dust but also goes through a lot of stress when we use these devices on them. With no pressure to look a certain way, it is an ideal time to experiment with your hair washing patterns and give hair the TLC it rightly deserves. 


Lockdown Skin care diet

You can wash and color your hair less frequently to reduce usage of products and oil it at least once a week with your favorite oil. Now that you are at home, you can even switch to natural ingredients like yogurt that deeply nourish your hair.


Don’t give-in to social media challenges or beauty trends

Lately, I have noticed many of you are giving into social media challenges. Now I am not against them as long as they are harmless, but when it comes to your skin and health, you need to be cautious. As each person has a different skin type with unique concerns, often the challenges or beauty trends which are generic harm your skin and disturb your routine.

It is best to follow the skincare routine which you have either figured out yourself or with the help of your dermatologist to ensure your skin is always healthy. At my clinic - Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions in Bangalore, we device personalised skin and hair care regime for our patients so that they make the most out of it for their health and wellness.

These were my top Beauty Don’ts during lockdown. Let me know yours in the comment section below.


Dr. Divya Sharma

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