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05 Skincare Essentials for Men this Summer by Dr. Divya Sharma

Skincare Essentials for Men
Posted date on Mar 23, 2021

Skincare Essentials for Men in the Summer

Summer Skincare for Men

Do you believe that a skincare routine is only for women? If you do, you’re terribly  mistaken. Believe it or not, a man’s skin in spite of being tougher is prone to a number of concerns. For example: men tend to have larger pores which leaves them vulnerable to more skin problems and routine shaving also causes microabrasions leaving  the skin  vulnerable to infections. 

That is why it is absolutely essential for men to establish a skincare routine that works best for them , and follow it. And the summer season is a great time to venture into the world of skincare. Here is an easy to follow skincare guide for men to follow this summer:          

  1. Mild Cleanser
    It is important to pick a mild cleanser that doesn't disrupt the protective barrier of your skin. Cleansing is the first step to a good skincare routine. It is the foundation of a good skincare routine. You need to find a cleanser that suits your skin type. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face at least once a day. 

    Skincare for Men 

  2. Exfoliate
    Exfoliation is an important step to get rid of dead skin build up, especially for men. It helps to clean out excess sebum from your pores and gets rid of the dead skin. You can exfoliate once a week to ensure that the process isn’t too harsh for your skin. Use a chemical exfoliant that is effective and suits your skin type.

  3. Moisturize 
    The harsh summer heat can suck out the moisture from your face which makes it important to moisturize daily. There is a large number of moisturizers available that you can use but you should look for a fragrance-free moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. It is important to use a light, oil free moisturizer in the summer. With the warm weather, a heavy moisturizer could suffocate your skin and your pores.

  4. Sunscreen 
    A sunscreen is an indispensable part of a good skincare routine, especially during the summer. UV rays from the sun greatly speed up our skin’s aging process. The only way to protect yourself from the harsh sun is a good SPF. You can look for a sunscreen that has skin-hydrating ingredients to add an extra layer of moisture to your face. It is important to ensure that the Sunscreen you’re using is at least SPF 30. Anything under SPF 30 wouldn’t prove to be helpful. 



  5. Always Use an Aftershave
    Shaving can be irritable for your skin if you’re not careful. Small cuts that go unnoticed can get infected. You need to be extra careful to avoid any nicks and scratches. To do this, always shave with the grain, that is, in the direction of your hair growth, to cause less irritation. Always use an aftershave as they contain antiseptics that will disinfect any small cuts you get. 
    Skincare Essentials for Men

Besides regular skin care, it is important to routinely consult a dermatologist to ensure that your skin is in the best shape that it can be in. There are always treatments you can opt for like medi facials, or chemical peels to hydrate your skin and remove pigmentation along with tan.

With that you have the 5 essentials to look after your skin in the harsh summer. I hope that you found these tips useful for summer skincare. Is there any hack that works best for your skin in the heat? Share with me in the comment section below.


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